Running Man

Fake News News of the Year

Fake News !
Fake News !

2016 - 2017
Fake News
What color is her hair?Is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?

What color is the dress & her hair?

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan News
of the month

Epic Collapse
of TrumpCare

March 2017
Donald Trump and Paul Ryan
Trump wins Presidential Election Image of the month

He Is Hired !
Trump wins Presidential Election

November 2016
Bob Dylan News of the month
Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

Dylan's Songs & Lyrics

October 2016
animated hello
animated hello

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2016 Presidential Election-Hillary vs Trump Image of the month

Presidential Election
Hillary vs Trump

September 2016
Microcephalic Hope Solo Image of the month

Hope Solo

August 2016
Tree Trump Image of the month

Tree Trump

July 2016
Gravitational Waves Detected Scientific news of the year
Gravitational Waves Detected
Feb 2016
Gravitational Waves Found
Zika Virus Image of
the month

Zika Virus

Feb 2016
A female Aedes aegypti mosquito
The-most-adorable-sloth-ever-stranded-on-highway Image of the month

Sloth stranded on highway

Jan 2016
Political news of the year 2015
Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter,
So Does The Size.
Black Size Matters

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