Nature Mistake – 5 Most Ugliest Bald Animals

Like in humans, baldness can be seen in animals as well. Hair loss in animals can be because of a lot of reasons including hormonal imbalance. We may have seen bald cats where there a lot of spot on the cat which are bald. This can be because of stress and is called as alopecia. Best Health Secret isHypothyroidism is found to be the cause in a lot of bald dogs.

Sometimes the balding is accompanied by itching and soreness and can be because of allergies as well in Mother Trip. People have often noticed that their pet rats have gone bald in some areas. Usually the bald rat can be the doing of a cage-mate. If there are no other symptoms, you wont have to worry much about this.

Bald bears can be very ugly the baldness can be caused by a lot of agents including fur diseases. Unlike people, baldness in animals is not limited only to the head and usually spreads all over the body. There have been a lot of bald chimpanzees in zoos and the cause of baldness often goes unanswered for World Travel. Even though these animals look ugly, they attract a lot of attention because of their unusual condition.

5. Bald Cat


4. Bald Dog

Ugly Dog Dies

3. Bald Rat


2. Bald Bear


1. Bald Chimpanzee



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9 Responses to “Nature Mistake – 5 Most Ugliest Bald Animals”

  1. Albert says:

    Except that bald dog and bald cat are not nature’s mistake, but the result of breeding by humans, designer creatures if you wish. People do dumb things.

    And naked mole rat has no need for hair due to their natural habitat, so no mistake there either.

  2. Dudely says:

    The third one is not a bald rat. It’s a naked mole rat.

  3. Monxy says:

    That Bald rat is just Naked mole rat or any kind of Blesmol.

  4. Jacquelyn says:

    The first three are naturally bald. The first is a breed of cat called the “Sphinx”. They were originally bred for people who are allergic to cat hair. The second is the Chinese crested dog. They tend to be consistant winners in the “Ugliest dog in the world” contest held annually in California. The rat is a naked mole rat. They live in Africa and are that rare anomaly, a cold-blooded mammal!

  5. Shaina says:

    Actually, that’s not a ‘bald rat’. That’s a naked mole rat. Very different.

  6. Jac says:

    Yeah they may look ugly to YOU.

    Please do not generalize your opinions just because you lack the ability to appreciate sphynx cats and chinese crested dogs.

  7. XYZ says:

    Indeed, some are the result of the human mental derangement, of the idiots who think they can be mother nature. Even so, they are more beautiful than many humans.

  8. mieacle says:

    I like the chimp:]

  9. so this is what will become of darwanism

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