...... TIME Magazine's YouTube's 50 Best Videos (#16 to #30) ......

Reference: TIME Magazine 

16) The Sneezing Baby Panda

  See it on Youtube.com 
Compilation:Sneezing animals  alt  Spoof:Baby ANGRY BIRDS SNEEZING 

17) Otters holding hands

Famous holding-hand otter dies  Two other otters holding hands 

18) Literal Music Videos: Total Eclipse of The Heart

  Original video
Other Literal Music Videos: "Take On Me"  alt  "UNDER THE BRIDGE" 

19) OMG, Shoes

  alt  alt (short version) 

20) Baby Laughing

  Baby Laughing Video Compilation 2014 

21) Susan Boyle's Debut

  alt  alt 
Susan Boyle has the fastest selling debut album in UK history 

22) Miss Teen South Carolina

Responds on Today Show  Long version  Miss Utah 2013 

23) Baby Bobbing to "Single Ladies"

  alt  alt 
Another Baby Bobbing to "Single Ladies" 

24) Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles UPDATE 

25) "Hey Jude" Kid

korean "Hey Jude" Kid  on KBS-TV 

26) Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

alternate video +Lyrics 

27) Pro-Obama anti-Hillary 1984 Campaign ads

Original Apple Computer anti-IBM 1984 Super Bowl ads  alt 

28) Noah's Daily Photos (for 6 years)

Noah's Daily Photos (for 12.5 years)  alt (Reduced to one minute) 

29) Bank Of America's "One"

Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell comment on the video 

30) Grape Lady Falls!

  alt  alt 
Grape Guy Falls - Grape Lady Falls Parody 


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