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North Korean Songs 朝鮮歌曲

The Moranbong Band (Chosŏn'gŭl: 모란봉악단; RR: Moranbong akdan lit. Tree Peony Peak Orchestra), also known as the Moran Hill Orchestra, is an all-female music group in North Korea whose members were selected by the country's supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Performing interpretive styles of pop, rock, and fusion, they are the first all-female band from the DPRK, and made their world debut on July 6, 2012. Their varied musical style has been described as symphonic because it is "putting together different kinds of sounds, and ending in a harmonious, pleasing result."
The band has been referred to in the West as "North Korea's version of the Spice Girls".

The Moranbong Band
Moranbong Band (See it at www.youtube.com)   With Pride 보란듯이 Com Orgulho 
Song and dance medley We love (가무련곡 우린 사랑한다)  Dash to the Future 달려가자 미래로  Without a break  Soldier’s Road 전사의 길 Estrada do soldado  Soldier’s Road 전사의 길 Estrada do soldado  This land's masters say - 이 땅의 주인들은 말하네  "Go study" "学习吧"  Csárdás - Vittorio Monti - 챠르다쉬 - 모란봉악단  Moranbong Band performs world famous songs 
The Moranbong Band
Moranbong Band: Look at us 我らを見よ モランボン楽団 (Nobody Can Beat Us!)
My Country is the Best (내 나라 제일로 좋아) - Meu País é o Melhor  Tribute to Captain Sonu Hyang Hui - On The Road to a Decisive Battle  On Our March - Em Nossa Marcha (우리의 행군길) - Música na Coréia do Norte  The Voice That Calls Me A Voz Que Me Chama
Concert (July 28, 2012) (2 hrs)  War Victory Day 2012 (2 hrs)  (October 10, 2012 (1.5 hrs) 

Korean Songs 韓國歌曲

TREN-D "CANDY BOY" (Original Korean Version) 2015Russian Song Version: Танцуй Россия и плачь Европа (Dance Russia and Cry Europe)
View it on youtube  alt  Live 2013  alt  Live 2013  Live 2014  Live 2015  Live 2015  Live 2015  Video 2015  Arabic subtitle 

Tren-d-"정(情) (Affection)"   MV  Live  Live 2015  Live 2015 
View it on youtube  Russian costume version  alt 

소녀시대-少女時代(Girls' Generation-SNSD)
소녀시대-少女時代(Girls' Generation-SNSD)
4MINUTE   포미닛:
[HEART TO HEART]  [HEART TO HEART]  Audio  Japanese version  Japanese ver-Audio  Live  Live  Live  Live  (Dance Cover + Parody) by EchoDanceHK   (Dance Cover) 

[Mirror Mirror] 거울아거울아 
「거울아거울아」[Mirror Mirror]  Audio  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  HYUNA ONLY - 4MINUTE  Instrumental 

[HUH]-(Hit Your Heart)  (alt)  (alt)Teaser  'MAKING FILM  Album Photo Session Making Video   [FIRST]    [WHY]  Short version  [I My Me Mine]  [Ready Go](Japanese) 
[Volume Up]  [What's Your Name?]  [Is It Poppin'?]  [Hot Issue] 
Link: www.youtube.com
HYUN A    현아
[Bubble Pop]
Bubble Pop!  LYRICS   LYRICS   English version  Live  alt  Live  Live  Live  Practice video  Mirrored dance practice  Dance cover  tutorial  Bubble Pop! Dance  Dancing to Bubble Pop  Dancing to Bubble Pop 

[Change]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  Hyuna-pelvic dance Change  Change Dance  Dance Cover  Dance Cover  Dance Cover  Change dance steps  Change dance  [Mirrored] Hyuna-Change  Change To Warrior (MashUp) 
Bubble Pop/Change Reference 
Link: www.youtube.com
[I AM THE BEST]  내가 제일 잘나가
[I AM THE BEST](내가 제일 잘나가)  English Subtitle  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  Choreography Practice  Winner of 2NE1 Dance cover Contest  Runner-up Winners  Dance Cover  Dance Cover  Dance Cover (New York City,USA)  alt  DANCE COVER by St.319 from Vietnam  DANCE COVER by St.319  Chinese subtitle  ENGLISH cover with LYRICS  

[UGLY]  [UGLY](Japanese Ver.)   Live  Live 

[CAN'T NOBODY]  Live  Live  (English Ver.) 
[I LOVE YOU]  [LONELY]  [FIRE]  [FALLING IN LOVE]  BigBang & 2NEI-[Lollipop] 
Link: www.youtube.com
소녀시대   -   少女時代
(Girls' Generation-SNSD):

[Dancing Queen]  [Dancing Queen] Music Video  Live  Live  Live  Live 
[Mr.Taxi]  [Mr.Taxi]Japanese version  (Korean version)  Live  Live  [The Boys, MR.TAXI, Snowy Wish]  Dance Practice  By Cloud Nine from Philippines  DANCE COVER  DANCE COVER  DANCE COVER  Mify米非-teaching  alt 
[Gee]  Gee  alt  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  (Dance Ver.1) Mirror version  (Dance Ver.2)   Cover by NylonPink  Male Edition 
[Genie](소원을말해봐)Tell me your wish  [Genie](소원을말해봐)  stage remix  Live  Live  Live in Paris  Live-stage Remix  Live  Live  Award Live  LIVE (RAPPER HWANG EDITION)  Animation 
[Run Devil Run(런데빌런)]  [PAPARAZZI]  [Oh!]  [I GOT A BOY]  [THE BOYS]  [LOVE & GIRLS]  SNSD Live in Paris 
Link: www.youtube.com

Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls
Super Junior
Korean K-Pop
Wonder Girls-[NOBODY]  [NOBODY]  English version  alt  [Trailer]   LIVE   LIVE   Live in New York  alt  2008 LIVE   2008 LIVE   2009 LIVE   Disco version   Tango Disco Version  Ballad + Dance Version  Yu-Na Kim-Angels on Ice   Japanese Version  Lyrics  Internet Submissions  Male version  Thai fan  Male Vocal  Over 40 version  robot dancing  (Chinese Version)-MV  (Chinese Version)-Lyrics  (Chinese Version)-Live 
[Be My Baby]  [Be My Baby]  English version  Korean Popular Culture Awards 2011  LIVE  LIVE  2PM & Jo Kwon &Wonder Girls - Be My Baby Dance   A group of Thai boys  Forever Dance Crew   
[So Hot]  [So Hot]  alt  Live  Live  Live 

After School-  [Shampoo]  [First Love]  alt 
f(x)-  [Electric Shock]  [HOT SUMMER]  [NU ABO] 
miss A-  [I don't need a man]  [Bad Girl, Good Girl]  [Good-bye Baby] 
Link: www.youtube.com
BoA-[The Shadow]  BoA (Kwon Bo-a)-권보아-權寶兒/权宝儿-クォン·ボア  Lyrics +English translation  Come back Show  Live  alt  Live 7/2012  [The Shadow]/[Only One] 
SISTAR 씨스타  [나혼자 (Alone)] - [나혼자 (Alone)] Music Video  Music Video 
[Energetic]  BoA  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Energetic Music Video Remix  Dance cover-MISHA GABRIEL & NICK BASS 

T-ARA (티아라)-  [Lovey-Dovey](러비더비) -Zombies(좀비) version  [Lovey-Dovey] - Fullmlenght (21 min)  Dance practice  Mirrored dance practice  Live  Live in Tokyo  Live  alt  Live  Live  Dance Cover by St.319 from Vietnam  [Sexy Love]-Dance version  Robot Dance version  [Sexy Love]-Drama version  The 27th Golden Disk Awards-[Sexy Love + Lovey Dovey + Roly Poly]  [DAY BY DAY]  LIVE  [Roly-Poly in Copacabana]  [Jeon Won Diary]  [We were in love] 

Top 10 Best K-Pop Debut Songs   Top 10 Best K-Pop Songs of 2011  Top 10 k-pop male group songs  Top 10 Favorite K-Pop Groups (Boys)  The most beautiful Korean Females 
Link: www.youtube.com
Super Junior 슈퍼주니어  [Mr.Simple] - [Mr.Simple] Music Video  Dance Version  (sketch version)  Mr.Simple_TEASER  Japanese Version  Mr. Simple ~ballad version (Audio)  Lyrics  The making of [Mr.Simple]  Live in New York  Live  Live  Live  Live  (LG Version)  Dance Cover by 'St.319' from Vietnam 
[A-CHA] - [A-CHA] Music Video  alt  [A-Cha] (Dance Version)  Live 
[SORRY, SORRY]  Dance  [BONAMANA]  [No Other] 

2PM-  [HANDS UP]  [Comeback When You Hear This Song]  [A.D.T.O.Y.] 
BOYFRIEND-  [Boyfriend]  [Boyfriend]  [I'll be there]  [I YAH]  [MY LADY] Lyrics 
SHINee-  [HISTORY]  Dance  [Sherlock (Clue + Note)]  [Hello]  [Replay]  Dance  Live 
G-DRAGON-  [Michigo]  Lyrics  [CRAYON]  [ONE OF A KIND]  [THAT XX] 
Link: www.youtube.com
PSY-GANGNAM STYLE  English subtitle  PSY-(featuring HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일  PSY_0715_SBS Inkigayo  PSY_0722  PSY_0729  PSY_0819  Backward version  The making of PSY-GANGNAM STYLE  The making  Summer Stand Live Concert  SBS Inkigayo 2012 London Olympics Special  South Korea Presidential Inauguration Ceremony 2013)   Alternate video  
제18대 대통령 취임식 (전체) Park Geun-hye Presidential Inaugural Ceremony (Full 1 hour)   Waveya-Korean girl dance team  Pyongyang Style  ENGLISH Misheard Lyrics (Open Condom Star)  BYUNTAE STYLE  Oppa Chicago Style  Miguk Style  INSPIRIT Dance Group and Febris Erotica's Leo  Gangnam Style Flash Mob  Everyday I'm Gangnam Style   Flash Mob At Loki Cusco  Sydney Gangnam Style Flashmob  ATLANTA Flashmob  Flash Mob in Korea Town  GANGNAM STYLE FLASHMOB  GANGNAM STYLE FLASH MOB  Kid's Reaction  TornadoMA Taekwondo Cover  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Nightline from ABC News  文茜世界週報/韓國「騎馬舞」  PSY-GANGNAM STYLE in Taiwan-「騎馬舞」  PSY-GANGNAM STYLE in Taiwan 
Gangnam Style New Video 2013   Psy Hologram Concert   
Link: www.youtube.com

Psy's "Gentleman" Psy feat. CL of 2NE1-"DADDY"
View it at youtube.com   Audio +Lyrics   Live   Live   Live on Today Show   Live on AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 Final   alt   Dance video by Waveya dance group   By INSPIRIT dance group   By Mocha Girls   By Girl's Day & Teen Top   By M.I.B + TeenTop + AoA   By Led apple   By Little PSY (Hwang Min Woo) ft. OFFROAD   By Kpop Dance Fitness Class   Dance video   Dance Tutorial   English Translation  English Translation 

See it on Youtube  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live-'NAPAL BAJI' + ‘DADDY' + ‘GANGNAM STYLE' 

Japanese Songs 日語歌曲

House of Flying DaggersKITARO Meiko KajiJapanese movie -Lady Snowblood 石川さゆり芹洋子 Morning Musume
[House of Flying Daggers-Lovers]
Shigeru Umebayashi (Composer):  Shigeru Umebayashi (Composer): House of Flying Daggers (Lovers)  (alt)  (alt)  (alt)  Audio
Sung by Jackie Evancho  Sung by Jackie Evancho  Alt +Lyrics  Alt +English & Chinese Lyrics  English Lyrics  Jackie Evancho (Video.com)  Sung by Kathleen Battle  alt  alt  FIMUCITÉ 5 
House of Flying Daggers (佳人曲Jiarenqu)-The Beauty Song  (alt)  (alt)  Audio  Yugang李玉刚  Music video  Music Mix 
Jackie Evancho: The Houston Concert (36 min) 
[Matsuri-祭]  KITARO-[Matsuri]  alt  Video  Live in Malaysia2011  Live in Singapore2010  [Mercury] Live with Chinese Music instruments 
KITARO-[Silk Road 丝绸之路]-  Kitaro-[Silk Road]  Live  Live at Yakushiji Temple, Nara, Japan2001  alt  Live at Tokyo Orchard Hall2009  alt  Live in Malaysia2011  With ViVA Girls [Silk Road+Matsuri]  alt 
Cover by Akatomie  Tracy Huang-[Silk Road] 
[Matsuri-祭-まつり]:  Music  北島三郎 Live  Live  Live  Live  Cartoon  島津亜矢 
[異邦人]:  久保田早紀  久保田早紀  久保田早紀  久保田早紀  石原詢子  篠崎愛  森恵  女子十二楽坊  English version 
Link: www.youtube.com
[The Flower of Carnage--Shura no Hana-修羅の花]  Meiko Kaji梶 芽衣子 (Movie clips: Lady Snowblood)  alt  Illustration  Audio  Audio  Lucy Liu in "Kill Bill"  Cartoon scene in "Kill Bill"  Kill Bill I final fight scene  Snene from Japanese movie "Lady Snowblood"  Pictures from Japanese movie "Lady Snowblood"  Fabiola Simac 
[Urami bushi-Grudge Song-怨み節]  Meiko Kaji Audio  Audio (English subtitle)  Lyrics and English translation  Cartoon scene in "Kill Bill"  Snene from Japanese movie "怨み節"  Meiko Kaji - Urami Bushi, Japanese movie version  Meiko Kaji Live  Keiko Fuji藤圭子  Stefan Lalchev-Idol Bulgaria show 2007  alt-A montage of pictures  Helga/Hildur 

[いい日旅立ち-Ihihi-Tabidachi]  山口百恵-Yamaguchi Momoe (Audio/Lyrics)  Live  Live  alt  山口百恵/谷村新司  谷村新司/中森明菜  谷村新司  高畑充希  Accoustic Guitar 

[じょんから女節 Jonkara Onnabushi]:  長山洋子 YOKO NAGAYAMA  YOKO NAGAYAMA  YOKO NAGAYAMA  Deborah Shimada 
Link: www.youtube.com
[天城越え-Amagi Goe]-Going Over Amagi Mountain Pass  石川さゆり(Ishikawa Sayuri)-Live  石川さゆり-Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live/Lyrics/Chinese translation  Audio/Lyrics  Ishikawa Sayuri with Marty Friedman Live  MARTY FRIEDMAN  田中裕子主演-「天城越え」  弦哲也-(Composer-singer)  坂本冬美-Live  alt  Live 1996  Live 1996  坂本冬美/伍代夏子  石川さゆり/坂本冬美  alt [夜桜お七+天城越え]  五木ひろし  alt  Karaoke  石原詢子  田川寿美  堀優衣  西尾夕紀  小柳ルミ子  石川さゆり 熱唱7曲 (Ishikawa Sayuri 7 songs) 
[四季の歌 フォレスタの Siki no Uta]  芹洋子 Seri Yoko Audio  Audio  Music  芹洋子Live  Live  Live  齐唱  フォレスタ(Foresta) a Japanese chorus group  夏川りみ  森昌子 Audio  森昌子 Audio  Shiki no Uta   Parody 
[別れの朝 Wakare no Asa-Morning of farewell 離別的早晨]  前野曜子 Original version  alt  Audio1977  Live  高橋真梨子Mariko Takahashi (Audio)  Live/Lyrics/Chinese translation  フォレスタ(Foresta) a Japanese chorus group  坂本冬美  朱里エイコ  世良公則 Live  夏樹陽子Yoko Natsuki  門倉有希  小柳ルミ子  藤圭子  寺内タケシ-Instrumental  鄧麗君Audio  alt 
[Sayonara Japanese Goodbye 再會吧!櫻花]  Sayonara ( Movie Opening Scene ) - Words & Music by Irving Berlin   梅木美代志 Miyoshi Umeki/1957電影主題曲Miiko Taka 高美以子代唱/4:10劉秋儀的中文版  A Sorrowful Ending - Sayonara  Nantida Kaewbuasai (a Thai singer)  黃露儀(黃鶯鶯)Tracy Huang  Nat King Cole  Pat Kirby  潘秀瓊 - 櫻花戀   高胜美 - 櫻花戀 
Link: www.youtube.com
[Renai Hunter-恋愛ハンター]  Morning Musume (モーニング娘 - 早安少女組)  alt  Dance Cover-Mirrored 
[Onna to Otoko]  Morning Musume  Lyrics  Black Dance Shot Version  All Solo's Album Version  Live 2011  Dance Tutorial-Part 1  Part 2 
[Shouganai Yume oibito]  Morning Musume  Mirrored version  Live 
[Resonant Blue]  Morning Musume  alt  Dance-shot Version  Live 
[Brand New Morning]  Morning Musume (Promo)  Morning Musume (MV)  Live 
AKB48-公式  [ヘビーローテーション Heavy Rotation]  Live  Live [Heavy Rotation/Aitakatta]  [会いたかった Aitakatta]  alt  [ラブラドール・レトリバLabrador Retriever]  [Everyday-カチューシャ]  [Everyday-カチューシャ]  [大声ダイヤモンド]  [言い訳Maybe]  [桜の栞]  [Beginner]  [RIVER]  Reference 
[世界に一つだけの花-Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana]  SMAP (Lyrics)  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live with 女子十二乐  Live in China  Chinese version-[世界中唯一僅有的花] 
[N.O.]  電気グルーヴ-Denki Groove--Live  alt  Live 

Best 30 J-pop Songs of the 70s 
Link: www.youtube.com

翁倩玉山本潤子 坂本九歐陽菲菲 鄧麗君島倉千代子 Shimakura Chiyoko< 石原 裕次郎-鄧麗君
Yujiro Ishihara(石原 裕次郎)---鄧麗君
[祈禱 Qi Dao]翁倩玉Audio  Audio  Audio  Live - Mixed  Live  Live  Live 2011  翁倩玉/成龍  蔡琴  王傑/王韻嬋MV  alt  王傑/王韻嬋  蔡幸娟  蔡幸娟  卓依婷   小妮妮  劉文正 Lyrics  alt  李碧华 
Original Japanese folk song-[Takeda Lullaby 竹田の子守唄 Takeda no komoriuta]:  The Red Birds [Akai Tori赤い鳥]  赤い鳥(後藤悦治郎/山本俊彦/新居潤子/山本潤子/平山泰代/大川茂/渡辺敏行)1973  赤い鳥 Audio  山本潤子Live  alt  山本潤子Live  後藤悦治郎/山本潤子Live  山本潤子/伊勢正三  日高美子  Graciela Susana_  五十嵐はるみJass version  ハープ:川下 藍/パーカッション:寺田 典子  minyô — 民謡  竹田の子守唄Infomation(1/2)   (2/2)  オカリナ 宗次郎 (Single-flute) 
[海鸥 Seagull]  翁倩玉-(電影:愛的天地)   翁倩玉-(電影:愛的天地)   Live  甄妮 Audio  Audio  甄妮-[梦中的妈妈/我家在那里/海鸥/海上花/爱定你一个]  費玉清  劉德華  任賢齊+[諾言]  曹雅雯  巧千金Children  前川清-Japanese version  Guitar  Guitar  Judy Ongg翁倩玉演唱会1984 (50 min) 
Link: www.youtube.com
[上を向いて歩こう-Ue Wo Muite Aruko (Sukiyaki Song)] 1961  坂本 九Kyu Sakamoto-(Audio)  English/Japanese Lyrics  MV  Live 1984  Live on Steve Allen show 1963  alt  Live  徳永英明  徳永英明  [ING OUT from JAPAN-ONE LOVE/上を向いて歩こう   VOCALOID2合唱団  English Version 
Rock version-  忌野清志郎  忌野清志郎/甲本ヒロト  氷室京介 
[熱情的沙漠 Re Qing De Sha Mo]  歐陽菲菲 (Auyang Fei Fei) - Audio  Chinese Lyrics  歐陽菲菲 Live  Live (2 songs)  傅薇  徐小鳳PAULA TSUI   庾澄慶MV  Live  谢雷  甄妮  張靚穎  江淑娜+陽帆-[熱情的沙漠+梨山癡情花]  張國榮 Leslie   張國榮-[我的心裡沒有他/熱情的沙漠]  朱俐靜  朱咪咪  黃慧儀  陈凯晴  胡彦斌/简美妍  王汶玲  Alisa  沈路易  alt  李佳薇-[煎熬 站在高岗上 热情的沙漠]  2003電視金鐘獎+合唱-[熱情的沙漠] 
(日語原版)-[情熱の砂漠] ザ・ピーナッツ  The Peanuts-ザ・ピーナッツ(花生姊妹花)  Audio  Live  The Peanuts-Remix   歐陽菲菲 (Auyang Fei Fei)   陳和美 
Link: www.youtube.com
[人生 いろいろ Jinsei Iroiro]  鄧麗君  島倉千代子 Shimakura Chiyoko Live  Live 1994  Live 1996  Live  Live  Live  森昌子/島倉千代子  坂本冬美  小林幸子 
[つぐない Tsugunai鄧麗君  鄧麗君  鄧麗君/Chinese translation  Live  Live  Live  alt  Live/Lyrics/Chinese translation  鄧麗君Live  alt  Live  森昌子 Mori Masako Live  高橋由美子Live  伍代夏子 Live  田川寿美Live  田川寿美Live  辰巳彰Live  藤 あや子Live  工藤江里菜-Piano 
華語版:[償還]  鄧麗君  Lyrics/English translation  王静  韩宝仪  費玉清  Live  王若琳MV  Live  Live  Live  楊宗緯  楊宗緯+周筆暢-[償還/忘记他]  alt  張靚穎  蔡幸娟Audio  卓依婷  李小靜  梁文音  鄭秀文  蔣芷娟  赖冰霞  張秀卿/楊烈(華.日)  周思潔(華.日)  費玉清-[意難忘]+林曉培-[償還](華.日) 

湯の町エレジー  石川さゆり  美ち奴 ああそれなのに (Audio 1937)  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com
[北の旅人-Kita no Tabibito]  石原裕次郎/鄧麗君  原唱-石原裕次郎 (Audio)  (Audio)  鄧麗君-Live  alt  鄧麗君/K.SUGA Mix  原曲  弦哲也-(作曲)  有明一朗  Cover 

[くちなしの花-Kuchinashi no Hana無言花]  鄧麗君 (Audio)  Audio/Lyrics/English translation  石原裕次郎/鄧麗君-Separate  Combined  石原裕次郎/渡哲也-Live  渡哲也 live  渡哲也 live  渡哲也 live  中村美律子Nakamura Mitsuko-Live  中村美律子Live  蔡幸娟 
華語版Chinese-[逍遙自在]-  鄧麗君  鄧麗君  日语/華語  王静  陳佳 

[氷雨 Hisame]  鄧麗君 Audio  Audio  日野美歌 Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  佳山明生/日野美歌  佳山明生  佳山明生  佳山明生  坂本冬美  石原詢子  前川清  松本明子/山本 彩  香西かおり  森昌子  Jero-VS-日野美歌 part-1  part-2  Jero  洪榮宏/蔡幸娟-[無緣的愛]/[氷雨](華語版) 

[こんな女 Konna Onna]  鄧麗君Audio  alt  Yu-Na Kim (Ice-skating) 
Link: www.youtube.com

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