The block – it’s falling into itself
The block – it’s falling into itself
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Mind-boggling puzzles

These are the best, funny or strange brain teasers - Some are contributed by the viewers.

Difficult puzzle

The sound of silence.

This is a logical quiz, not a blonde joke.

A blonde went to see her doctor and said: "Please help me, Doc, I can't stop passing gas."

Blonde bombardment

"How long have you had this problem?" Ask the doctor. The blonde answered: "It has been three days and it happens quite often, Doc. As a matter of fact, I have broken wind five times since I sat on this chair. Thank goodness they make no sound and do not stink, otherwise I'd be so embarrassed, and I'd rather die."

The doctor examined the patient, gave her a prescription and told her to come back in one week.

The blonde came back a week later and complained: "The pills you gave me didn't work at all, Doc, and the problem is getting worse.
I am still passing gases as often. Although they are still silent but they now stink. Please tell me honestly whether you can help me, Doc?"

"Of course I can help you," replied the doctor. He wrote another prescription and said: "Contrary to what you think, the pills I gave you worked very well. Now take this second medication and come back next week."

Questions: What is the logical explanation for the doctor's conclusion that the first medication works and what is the second medication for?


Answer: The first medication did clear the blonde's sinus condition and restore her sense of smell.
The second medication is for her hearing problem.

Difficult puzzle

No logic, No war.

Why USA did not attack North Korea?

It has been widely believed that USA cannot tolerate a nuclear-armed North Korea. Yet when North Korea detonated her first nuclear bomb, the macho George Bush did not order an attack.

Nuclear bomb

According to a classified document obtained by National Enquirer, George Bush did issue a secret ultimatum to Kim Jong-Il prior to the detonation.
The message was clear: "If North Korea detonates the nuclear bomb, USA retaliation will be severe and swift. The attack on North Korea will happen within 7 days following the detonation and the attack date will come as an surprise."

Apparently the great leader found a big logical hole in the ultimatum and replied; "If you say you are going to attack us within 7 days following the detonation, then it is impossible for the attack to take place as an surprise. We will know for sure the attack date."
North Korea went as planned to detonate an atomic bomb.

George Bush was informed that it is indeed logically impossible to launch a surprise attack if the enemy has been told that the attack date will happen within a certain 7-day period.
George Bush is an honest man who keeps his words and so you know now why USA did not attack North Korea.
It is not because "War Is Not the Answer". Texans do not believe that kind of BS.

It is logic, pure and simple.

I will offer you a hint here. The attack cannot take place on day-7, because if 6 days have passed without an attack, the great leader will know for sure, (therefore it is no longer a surprise) that day-7, the last day, will be the day. The question is whether USA can launch an attack on other 6 days without the great leader figuring out the exact day? The logical answer is "no". Why so?




The smell is out there.

A man goes to see his dentist. During the examination the man says: "My teeth are in good shape because I eat garlic all day long. Despite the fact that I never brush my teeth and never use a mouth rinse or a breath mint, I ‘ve never had bad breath."
"You need an operation”, says the dentist.

Question: What kind of operation does the man need??


Answer: He badly needs a nose operation.

Logical response against Iran.

Question: What would you do if Iran launches a nuclear missile and the target is the city where you live?


Answer: I don’t know about you. - Me? I ran.



Gone with the wind.

Why do Farts stink?


Wrong answer: A special effect of an entertainment that deaf people can also enjoy...
Wrong answer: A public service to remind hearing-impaired persons that they are deaf and be careful while crossing the street.
Wrong answer: A subtle way to thank your surgeon for a job well done.
Right answer: The smell comes from small amounts of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and stool mixture. The gas that gives farts that peculiar stench is hydrogen sulfide.

What is the logical response against Iran's Nuclear Program? - The Bush doctrine

North Korea has nuclear weapons and no plans to give them up. Accordingly, we should presumptively attack Iran.