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3D street art
by Edgar Mueller
   3D street art
by Julian Beever
   3D street art
(Pavement Art)
   3D Pencil Art
(Pencil 3D Illusion)
   3D computer art
3D computer graphics
   3D artworks
3D crafts

...... 3D Pencil Art (Pencil 3D Illusion) ......

3D Pencil Drawings by Fredo
3D Pencil Drawings by Fredo
  alt  alt 
3D Pencil Drawings by Fredo (Link:  Messing With Your Sense Of Reality (Link:  FredoART's deviantART Gallery (Link:  Amazing 3D Drawings (Link: 
Alessandro Diddi drawings
Alessandro Diddi drawings
  3D Pencil Drawings by Alessandro Diddi  Amazing 3D Illusion Drawings by Alessandro Diddi  3D АРТ ОТ ALESSANDRO DIDDI  3D立體鉛筆畫 (Cantonese)  3D Drawings by Alessandro Diddi (Link: 
3D anamorphic drawing
3D anamorphic drawing- Tutorial
  Tutorial: Draw Fantastic 3 Dimensional Art "Anamorphosis"  Amazing anamorphic 3D illusion- Books drawing 

Crazy Drawing illusion 3D - The Key
Crazy Drawing illusion 3D-The Key

AD Chalk Drawings (Link: 

Original Pencil Drawings by JD Hillberry Realistic Drawing Techniques   JD Hillberry website  

Crazy Illusion drawing - Angelique Portrait   alt  
Realistic Drawing Techniques How To Draw Realistic Portraits  

Speed painting portrait Britney Spears  
Draw a Realistic Angelina Jolie Speed Drawing  

Speed Drawing Portrait Emma Watson  
Johnny Depp Speed drawing portrait  

3D Drawing Video - Speed Drawing  

3D Drawing - How to draw 3D ART(Residents on the sketchbook)  

Pencil 3D Illusion - Drawing a Sphere   alt  
Draw a Crystal Ball   Draw a Chrome Sphere With Colors   Drawing Shades   Draw a Water Drop Step by Step   Draw a Water Drop With Colors  

Pencil 3D Illusion - Draw a Butterfly   alt  
Drawing a Swan   Draw a Fairy   Amazing Optical Illusion   Tips to Draw Better in 6 Minutes   Drawing Materials   5 Tips to Be a Successful Artist!  

Pencil 3D Illusion - Draw a 3D Optical Illusion - An Alien Spying Eye   alt  
Draw a Surreal Idea   Draw Realistic Hands   Draw a Horse   Draw a Tree-Landscape   Draw a Figure   Draw the Figure from the Imagination - Part 1   part 2   Draw the Figure from a Skeleton  

Pencil 3D Illusion by Marcello Barenghi- Draw a perfectly fried egg   alt  
Drawing Pepsi can   Drawing One Dollor Bill   Drawing a lightbulb   Drawing a bee   Drawing a Coconut   Drawing a red rose   Drawing a cup of Espresso   draw and color a chip bag   draw a set of playing cards   drawing of a fifty euro note   

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