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Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in)
The Fifth DimensionThe Fifth Dimension
The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows
The Beatles: Tomorrow Never KnowsThe Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows
The Beatles: Within You Without You
The Beatles: Within You Without You
The Fifth Dimension
"Aquarius (Let the Sunshine in)"
The Fifth Dimension (Audio) 1969  (Audio)  (Audio)  Promo copy (Audio)  Live  Live  Visual  Visual  Aquarius-Let the Sunshine In 『HAIR』  Movie clip: Hair-Let the sun shine in  alt  Beginning of the film "Hair!"  The New Age version-Lyrics  The New Age version  New age mob  New agers  Unisoul Vocal Choir  Hair Musical on Broadway - David Letterman TV Show  Hair-Tony Awards 2009  The Original Cast of "Hair"-1968  
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[Matsuri]  KITARO-[Matsuri]  alt  alt  Video  Live in Hong kong2011 with ViVA Girls  Live in Malaysia2011  Live inSingapore2010 
[Silk Road]  Kitaro-[Silk Road]  alt  Live at Yakushiji Temple, Nara, Japan 2001  Live at Tokyo Orchard Hall 2009  Live in Malaysia2011 
[Mercury]  Live in China 2004 

12 Girls Band-[Whispering Earth]
12 Girls Band-with The Duxuanqin  alt  Live in Japan  alt 
Kitaro-[Whispering Earth]  Kitaro-Whispering Earth  alt  alt 
12 Girls Band  [Miracle}  [Victory]  alt  Dizi Solo player Sun Yuan 
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The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows
The Beatles  alt  alt  Lyrics  MIX 11 vinyl record  The making of  Reference  Phil Collins  alt  Demo version  Jimmy Wilson-Bright Light From A Single Spark  Jimi Hendrix  Alison Mosshart/Carla Azar-Movie-"Sucker Punch" theme song  alt  alt  Lyrics  Magical Orchestra  Los Lobos  Billy Idol  Danielle Dax  Tangerine Dream  Paul Gilbert  Them Beatles  Oasis  Our Lady Peace  Chameleons UK  Sheila Chandra  Monsoon  Char(Japan)  Remix version  Greg Howard-(Chapman Stick guitar)  Cartoon version 
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The Beatles (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band): Within You Without You (1967)
The Beatles  Audio  alt  The making of  New age style video  New age style Stereo Mix  New age style video  Zen style video  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Patti Smith  Patti Smith-Live  Oasis  alt  Adrian Belew  Jimmy Herring Band  The Fab Four  The Soulful Strings  Angels of Venice  ELIO E LE STORIE TESE  Yuichi Onoue(尾上祐一) on Kaisatsuko, a handmade musical instrument  Instrumental  Sitar version  Played on Sitar  Played on Synthesia 
Within You Without You/Tommorow Never Knows
A promotional video  alt  alt  Audio  The Beatles Rock Band: New age cartoon  alt  alt  alt  Newagers  Lyrics  Manhattan Camerata  Instrumental 
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Karunesh-Sounds of HeartKarunesh Loreena McKennitt Sa Ding DingSa Ding Ding Yanni
Sounds of the Heart 1984 
Sounds of the Heart II 
Colours of Light-Sweet Dreams 1987  alt 
Nirvana Cafe-Follow your heart 2002 
The Wanderer-Journey Of The Heart 2001  alt 
Silent Heart 2001 
Link: www.youtube.com
Loreena McKennitt
The Mystic's Dream  The Mystic's Dream (video of Arthas destiny)  Live  Live  Live in Taormina-2009 
Caravanserai 2007  Live 
The Mummers' Dance  Pictures and clips  Live 
ALL SOULS NIGHT-LIVE  Lyrics  Reference 

Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful  alt   Amethystium - Strangely Beautiful 
Link: www.youtube.com
Sa Ding Ding
Tibetan Version-- Tibetan Version-- Sa Ding Ding (Video With Lyrics)  alt  Tibetan Versio-(Audio)  alt  Live-AWARDS.FOR.WORLD.MUSIC.2008 
Chinese version-- (Audio-Photos)  Live-2009  alt  alt  Live-2009  alt-Remix  Live  Live  Live-2006  Live in San San Francisco 2008  Live-Mixed video  Sa Ding Ding/Hao Yun  Shirley Kwan  Shirley Kwan-Remix  Yu can only  Sukie Chung  alt  French student  Electric Green 
[Harmony-Ha Ha Li Li]-[天地记]:  Sa Ding Ding  alt  alt  alt  Live  Live  Live 2011  Yang measures 
[Introspection-Xi Ran Ning Bo]-[自省心经-希然宁泊]:  Sa Ding Ding  Lyrics  Xi Ran Ning Bo  Live at Albert Hall 2008 
[Lama Qian Nuo]-[妈妈天那]:  Sa Ding Ding-Tibetan Version  Sa Ding Ding-Chinese Version  alt  Live 2011  Live 2009  Live  Live 
Sa Ding Ding  Heavenly Road 
Link: www.youtube.com
The Storm : Yanni + Violin:Samvel Yervinyan[Armenia];Violin:Sayaka Katsuki[Japan];Harp:Victor Espinola[Paraguay];Trumpet:Ramon Flores Mexico]  alt  alt  alt 
Prelude & Nostalgia  Rainmaker 
Yanni's BEST Concert Event.2006  Yanni Live at the Royal Albert Hall 

Sa Ding Ding
Sa Ding Ding Album-A1  A2  B1  B2  [Heaven and world music exchange] Part 1  Part 2   Sa Ding Ding "Harmony" World premiere -Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

The Making of Harmony  About Sa Ding Ding  About Sa Ding Ding 
Link: www.youtube.com

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normal EKG EKG of Newagers
Normal EKG

EKG of Newagers
Karunesh's Sounds of Heart 
Link: www.youtube.com

EKG of Bleeding-Heart Liberals Karunesh's Sounds of Heart II
EKG of Bleeding-Heart Liberals 
Link: www.youtube.com

Karunesh's Sounds of Heart II 
Link: www.youtube.com

Sa Ding Ding's Alive Sa Ding Ding's Harmony-Ha Ha Li Li
Sa Ding Ding's Alive 
Link: www.youtube.com
Sa Ding Ding's Harmony-Ha Ha Li Li 
Link: www.youtube.com

Grammy Award for Best New Age Album (1987-2014)      alt

1987 Andreas Vollenweider-Down to the Moon Down to the Moon (Live)  Moon Dance (Audio)  Full albun 45 minutes  Reference 
1988 Yusef Lateef-Yusef Lateef's Little Symphony Yusef Lateef's Little Symphony  Reference 
1989 Shadowfax-Folksongs for a Nuclear Village Folksongs for a Nuclear Village  We Used To Laugh  Behind green eyes   Solar Wind  Reference 
1990 Peter Gabriel-Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ The Feeling Begins  alt  alt  Of These, Hope  Lazarus Raised  Of These, Hope-Reprise  Stigmata  With This Love  Zaar  Wall of Breath  It Is Accomplished  alt-Movie scenes  Reference 
1991 Mark Isham-Mark Isham Ashes and Diamonds  Toward the infinite white  BLUE MOON  I Never Will Know (Tikaram)  Reference 
1992 Chip Davis/Mannheim Steamroller-Fresh Aire 7 Chakra 4  alt  alt  Reference  Reference (Chip Davis) 
1993 Enya-Shepherd Moons Shepherd Moons  alt  alt  Reference 
1994 Paul Winter Consort-Spanish Angel Almería Duet  Winter's Dream (Halley)  Appalachian Morning  River Run  Reference  Reference (Paul Winter Consort) 
1995 Paul Winter-Prayer for the Wild Things Buffalo Prairie  Reference 
1996 George Winston-Forest Tamarack Pines  Forbidden Forest  The Cradle  Graceful Ghost  Japanese Music Box  Reference 
1997 Enya-The Memory of Trees  The Memory of Trees  alt  alt  Enya Interview  Anywhere Is  alt  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live at Vatican 1995  alt  Pax Deorum  Athair Ar Neamh  Photos & Lyrics  Lyrics  From Where I Am (Instrumental)  alt  China Roses  alt  alt  Hope Has a Place  Lyrics  Tea-House Moon (Instrumental)  Once You Had Gold  alt  alt  La Soñadora  alt  On My Way Home (MV)  alt  Audio  Oriel Window  alt  Reference 
Link: www.youtube.com
1998 Michael Hedges-Oracle Oracle (1996)  Ignition  Live  Live with Michael Manring  Baal T'Shuvah (Live)  Dirge  Live  Jitterboogie  Jitterboogie (Live)  Jitterboogie (Family version)  Gospel  Tomorrow never knows  Live-Gospel/Tomorrow never knows  Live  Live  Live (1985)  Theme From Hatari  Original version by Henry Mancini  by Living Strings  Aura Müünta  Sofa No.1  Frank Zappa-Sofa No.1  Frank Zappa-Sofa No.1 & Sofa No.2  Greensleeves  Reference 
1999 Clannad-Landmarks  An Gleann alt  Fadó  alt  A Mhuirnín Ó  alt  Of This Land  alt  Golden Ball  The Bridge of Tears  Autumn Leaves Are Falling  alt  Let Me See  Loch Na Caillí  alt  Reference 
2000 Paul Winter-Celtic Solstice  Triumph  Golden Apples of the Sun  Dawnwalker  alt  My Fair and Faithful Love/Blarney Pilgram  Farewell to Govan  Reference 
2001 Kitarō-Thinking of You  Thinking Of You  442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity soundtrack)  alt  Thinking Of You from Silent Praying Vol.2 (short version)  Estrella    Live in Yakushiji, Japan 2001  alt  Live in China 2002  Estrella from Celestial Scenery: Galactic Flight Vol. 9 (short version)  Mercury  Live in Yakushiji, Japan 2001  Live in China 2004  alt  Mercury from Best Of Kitaro DVD 2001  Mercury (Live) from Celestial Scenery, Heart Beat Vol. 10 (shot version)  Cosmic Wave  alt  Cosmic Wave form Celestial Scenery Eternal Trip Vol.4 (short version)  Harmony of the Forest  Harmony of the Forrest from Celestial Scenery: Breezing Universe (Short version)  Fiesta  alt  alt  Live in Zacatecas, Mexico 2010  alt  Fiesta from Celestial Scenery Holy Vibration Vol.5 (short version)  Spirit of Water  alt  Stream  Stream from Celestial Scenery Breezing Universe Vol.6 (Short version)  Stream from Mizu Ni Inori Te (short version)  Space II  alt  Space II form Celestial Scenery Eternal Trip Vol.4 (short version)  Del Mar  alt  Del Mar from Celestial Scenery: Galactic Flight Vol. 9 (short version)  Reference  Reference: 442-Live with Honor, Die with Dignity 
Link: www.youtube.com
2002 Enya-A Day Without Rain  A Day Without Rain (Instrumental)  alt  alt  Wild Child (MV)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live in Japan  Only Time (Video)  Audio  Live  Live at Larry King show  Live at the World Music Awards 2001  alt 
Tempus Vernum  alt  Tempus Vernum & Deora Ar Mo Chroi  Deora Ar Mo Chroi  alt  Flora's Secret  Lyrics  Fallen Embers  Lyrics  Silver Inches   Pilgrim  alt  One By One  alt  Lyrics  The First of Autumn  Lazy Days  alt  Isobella  alt  Reference 
2003 Tingstad and Rumbel-Acoustic Garden  Deep in my soul  Empire Builder-Live 2007  Les Jardins de Nohant  Windows on the World  2003 GRAMMY Award  Live 2002  Reference 
2004 Pat Metheny-One Quiet Night  sp One Quiet Night  Song for the Boys  Live 2003  alt  Live 2004  Don't Know Why (Live)  alt  Live  Another Chance  Time Goes On  My Song  Peace Memory  Ferry Cross the Mersey  Over on 4th Street  North to South, East to West  Last Train Home  alt  Live  PAT METHENY GROUP-Live  Live  Reference 
2005 William Ackerman-Returning  The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter  alt  Live  Live  Anne's Song  alt  Live  The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit  Live  Pictures  Hawk Circle (Live-Will Ackerman/Michael Hedges)  alt  Will Ackerman/George Winston  Barbara's Song  Live  Unconditional  Visiting  alt  Live-William Ackerman/Chuck Greenberg   Processional  Last Day at the Beach  Live  Live-Will Ackerman & Friends  Interview  Reference 
2006 Paul Winter Consort-Silver Solstice  Tomorrow Is My Dancing Day  Winter Solstice Celebration 2004  Sun Singer  Sun Singer Theme~Himn to the Sun  Sound Over All Waters by Paul Halley  by Theresa Thomason  by California Redwood Chorale  Kurski Funk (With The Dimitri Pokrovsky Singers)  alt  Dawnwalker  alt  Cathedral Forest  Reference 
Link: www.youtube.com
2007 Enya-Amarantine  Less Than a Pearl  Less Than a Pearl  Amarantine (Video)  alt  Audio  Promotional video  Live  Live  Live 2006  It's in the Rain (Video)  Audio  Lyrics  World Music Awards 2006  alt  alt  alt  Live at Rockefeller Center  If I Could Be Where You Are  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  The River Sings  alt  Long Long Journey  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Sumiregusa  alt  Live  alt  Someone Said Goodbye  alt  Lyrics  A Moment Lost  alt  alt  Drifting  alt  Amid the Falling Snow  alt  Water Shows the Hidden Heart  alt  Reference 
2008 Paul Winter Consort-Crestone  Info about Crestone  Reference 
2009 Jack DeJohnette-Peace Time  Peace Time (a single continuous piece running over 60 minutes)  Reference 
2010 David Darling-Prayer for Compassion  As Long as Grasses Grow and Rivers Run  alt  September Morn  When We Forgive  Reference 
2011 Paul Winter Consort-Miho: Journey to the Mountain  Info about Miho: Journey to the Mountain  Reference 
2012 Pat Metheny-What's It All About  (Full album 12 songs+Bonus track 56 mimutes)  The Sound of Silence  alt  Cherish  Alfie  alt  Garota de Ipanema  alt  Rainy Days & Mondays  That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be  Betcha by Golly, Wow  And I Love Her  alt  Live  alt  Live  Reference 
2013 Omar Akram-Echoes of Love  Echoes of Love (Audio)  alt  Take My Hand  Lovely Day  Miracle  Finally Home  Draw Me Close  Free Spirit  My Hope is You  Rejoice  Cry for Love  Open Skies  Merry  Reference 
2014 Laura Sullivan-Love's River  Audio at Laura Sullivan's website : The 11 songs on Love’s River are Secrets from the Deep, Wishing on a Dandelion, Awakening to Love, Blessed, Holding Heaven, Moonlight Passage, Love’s River, Calligraphy, River to the Sea, Story of the Rain & Snowfall on Water.  alt  Secrets from the Deep  Wishing on a Dandelion 
Link: www.youtube.com

Kitarō's Multiple Grammy Nominations for Best New Age Album  Kitarō-Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai (2004)  alt  Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Volumn-2 (2006)  Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Volumn-3 (2008)-Sacred Fountain  Sky and Ocean from Volumn-3  Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai, Volumn-4 (2011)  Kitaro Interview 
Link: www.youtube.com
Enya  The Best of Enya-(Full album 16 songs-59 mimutes)  The Best of Enya-(18 songs-1 hour 03 mimutes)  Paint the Sky with stars 1  2  3  4  5 

Link: www.youtube.com