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...... Pseudoscience ......

Real Aliens Caught On Camera   
See also Evidence of Ancient Aliens and UFOs in History   ALIEN HISTORY UFO ART   UFO ART IN ANCIENT HISTORY  

History Channel's Ancient Aliens season 6 premiere trailer   History Channel's Ancient Aliens season 6 teaser trailer   Evolution vs Intelligent Design from Ancient Aliens    History Channel's Ancient Aliens season 3 episode 7 (44 min)  

Full movie (3 hrs 11 min)   alternate  
See also ANCIENT ALIENS in ancient art DEBUNKED (18 min)  

Secret Tibetan Book of the Dead | History Channel Documentary (44 min)  
Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC Documentary (50 min)   Scientists prove Almighty God's existence (1hr 25 min)   The Signs of God's Existence - Documentary (2 hrs)  

New age pseudoscience Alternative Medicine Chinese pseudoscience Zodiac
New age pseudoscience:
US Army 52841 Soldiers learn to connect mind, body, soul through breathing.
Image source:
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use in USA (2002).
Image source:
Reference: Alternative Medicine
China: The mother of all pseudosciences.
Image source: Yin and yang
Reference: Faking it: the debate over Chinese pseudoscience (copy)
Image source: Zodiac

GLOBAL WARMING How do I know who is right? Pseudoscience Pseudoscience
Global warming/Climate change is a HOAX?
How do I know who is right? Crowe

Big foot Loch Ness Monster Yeti Montauk Monster
Big foot
Reference: Bigfoot
Loch Ness Monster
References: Loch Ness Monster Loch Ness "Monster"
Source: Monorail
Reference: Yeti
Montauk Monster: an unidentified creature that allegedly washed ashore, dead, on a beach near the business district of Montauk, New York, in July 2008
Reference: Montauk Monster

awakenings Alien Mummy Doll Breaking the clouds Semjase, extraterrestrial female
Image source:
Alien Mummy Doll
Image source: Erin
Breaking the clouds
Image source: Jacob
Semjase, extraterrestrial female living in Pleiades. Image source:  multiple sources
References: aliens nordici

Alien clouds Alien spaceship cloud UFO cloud mystery Cloud/UFO Alien Sighting In Moscow
Alien clouds
Image source:
Alien spaceship cloud
Image source:
Video: UFO cloud mystery worldwide sightings
Cloud/UFO Alien Sighting In Moscow, Russia. Source:

Alien autopsy Alien autopsy
Alien autopsy
Video: Alien autopsy video
Reference: Alien autopsy video
Alien autopsy (art)

Promotes every pseudoscience Anti-vaccination, "Indigo child" Alternative medicine PETA, aternative medicine, anti-prescribing drugs Promotes every pseudoscience PETA Comparing Science to Nazism & Marxism Conspiracy theories Biblical "alternative" to science Psychics
Source: : The Ten Most Wanted : Celebrities Who Promote Harmful Pseudoscience Video #1   Video #2
Reference: Ten Most Wanted: Celebrities Who Promote Harmful Pseudoscience  alt    

Organic food Ad PETA Ad Jenny Stewart Yves Lignon
Organic food Ad
Video: Pseudoscience in Adversiting
Video: Vegetarians have better sex
Jenny Stewart
Paranormal Research and Resource Society (copy)
Yves Lignon
Director, Laboratoire Universitaire de Parapsychologie et d'Hygiene Mental
Video source: Video source: Image source: Image source:

Qigong therapy Qigong Qigong Chakras-Yoga
Qigong therapy
Image source:
Image source: vipcxj
Image source:
Image source:

...... Anti-pseudoscience ......

James Randi Steve Terbot Carlos hoax Cottingley Fairies
James Randi
Video: Magician and Scientific Skeptic
Steve Terbot
Steve Terbot hoax
Carlos hoax
*James Randi and the Great Carlos
* Carlos hoax
Cottingley Fairies hoax
* Cottingley Fairies hoax
* Pranks, Frauds, and Hoaxes
Video source:
A Lifetime Fighting Pseudoscience
Image source: Image source: Image source: multiple sources
Reference: Cottingley Fairies

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