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The Best Songs

Hoobastan Phil Collins Natalie Imbruglia Pat Benatar

"The Reason"

Hoobastank [MV]  [MV] Director Cut  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live MTV  Live at pepsi smash  Live from the Wiltern  Live at la cigale  live in Malaysia  Acoustic 

Billboard Hot 100 - Top 100 Best Songs Of 2000's   Top 50 Greatest Songs of All Time  80 Best Songs Ever  100 Best Love Songs Ever 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Another Day In Paradise"

Phil Collins [MV]  alt  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Karaoke  Live  Live in Paris 1997  Live  Live  Live 2004  Phil Collins/David Crosby 1989 
Dennis brown  Reel Big Fish  alt  Live  Live  Igor Presnyakov-acoustic cover 

"Against All Odds(Take A Look At Me Now)"

  Phil Collins [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live Aid concert 1985  Live  Mariah Carey [MV]  John Tesh/Everette Harp 

"True Colors"

  Phil Collins [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live 2004  2005  1998  Cyndi Lauper [MV]  Justin Timberlake/Anna Kendrick [Lyric video]  Tom Odell [MV]  Perpetuum Jazzile, a vocal group 
Phil Collins- "A Groovy Kind Of Love" 
Link: www.youtube.com


Natalie Imbruglia [MV]  [alt]  Audio-Acoustic Version  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Natalie Imbruglia/Johann Lippowitz(Interpretative Dance)  alt  The Success of Torn 
One Direction-[MV]  One Direction-The X Factor Live Final  alt  One Direction-The X Factor Judges' Houses Performance  alt  One Direction-Lyrics  James TW [Audio]  Live Acoustic  Cassadee Pope-Audition at "The Voice"  Cassadee Pope-Audio-Studio Version   Cassadee Pope-Audio  Cassadee Pope-Live  MarieDigby  Male version (Lyrics) 

Natalie Imbruglia  "Want"  "That Day" 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Love is a Battlefield"

Pat Benatar [MV]  alt  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1984  Live 2001  Live  Live 2010  Pat Benatar/Avril Lavigne-Live on Oprah 2011  Live 2012  Movie "13 Going on 30"  alt 
Maysa [Lyric Video]  Selena Gomez  Selena Gomez  HIlary Duff  Brooke White-American Idol show 

"Hit Me With Your Best Shot"

Pat Benatar 1979 [Live]  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1980  Live  2001  2012  Movie "Rock of Ages"  TV show "Glee"  TV show "The Voice" 

"We Belong"

Pat Benatar 1979  Live 2001 
Link: www.youtube.com

Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty The Zombies Lulu Bill Withers

"Have you ever seen the rain?"

Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty  Audio  Audio  Audio  [Lyrics]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty-Live  Live  Live in Chile  live 
Rod Stewart [Live]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live - Live  Live  Live 2006  Emmerson Nogueira [Live]  Emmerson Nogueira [Live]  Pick Massaro [MV]  Phillip Phillips  Live  Phillip Phillips/John Fogerty-American Idol  Casey Abrams Audio  Live-American Idol 
Spanish version Juan Gabriel - [Gracias al Sol] 

"Who'll Stop The Rain"

Creedence Clearwater Revival/John Fogerty-Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Spanish subtitle  Live  Live  Live 2007 
Spanish version Enjambre - [Lyrics] 

"Proud Mary"

Creedence Clearwater Revival-[Lyric Video]  Audio  Lyrics  Live-English/Spanish subtitles  Live  Live  Live 1997  2010 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Time Of The Season"

The Zombies  Lyrics  PROMO 1968  Live  Live  Live  Live 2011 
Dave Matthews Band  Dave Matthews Band  Audio  Ben Taylor Band-Audio  Lyrics  Phillip Phillips  Audio 

"She's Not There"

The Zombies  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics in the description  Live 1965  Live 2007  Live 2013 
Santana-[Audio]  Audio  Audio  Audio  Live  Live 1980  Live 1989  Well All Right/She's Not There - SANTANA  Glee  SolidAsh 


The Zombies 1965  Audio  Audio  Live 1965 
Link: www.youtube.com

"To Sir With Love"

Lulu  "To Sir With Love" Movie theme & ending song  "To Sir With Love" ending song  Movie clips and theme song  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics + clips from the movie  Spanish subtitle  Live 1968  Live  alt  Live (rare clip)  Live  Live Past And Present  Live 2007  Live 2007  Live at American Idol  alt  Live 2014  Soul Asylon/Lulu  TV show "Glee" Cast Version  Audio  TV show "Glee" video Version + Spanish Lyrics  Katey Sagal/The Forest Rangers 


Ladies Choice (To Sir with Love) 1967  I Saw Her Standing There 1967  Mrs Robinson, Cucmber Castle 1969  Operator 1978  How Deep Is Your Love 1978  Physical 1984  All Night Long 1984 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Ain't No Sunshine"

Bill Withers  alt  [Audio]  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  1973 BBC Concert Complete 30 min 
Sting & David Sanborn-Audio  Tracy Chapman & Buddy Guy-Audio  Barry White-Audio  Joe Cocker-Audio  Jose Feliciano Live  John Mayer  Lenny Kravitz-Audio  Sir Waldo Weathers Live  UMBC Mama's Boys-Live  Noah James-Live  Taylor Hicks-Audio  Shaun Smith - Ain't No Sunshine :: Britain Got Talent 2009 

"Lean On Me"

Bill Withers-[Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1973  1972  alt  Patti LaBelle, Bill Withers & Stevie Wonder 
Stephen Hill/Lillie Knauls [Live]  The Tenors [MV]  Kirk Franklin [Live]  Al Green-Audio  alt  Spanish subtitle  (Gospel Version)  Michael Bolton-Audio  Lyrics  Live  Michael Bolton and Kenny G  TV show "GLEE" 
Link: www.youtube.com

Paul Simon-GRACELAND Paul Simon-GRACELAND-African tour Human League Neil Young - Heart Of Gold


Paul Simon  Audio  Live 1992  Live  Live in Dublin 2012  Paul Simon & Willie Nelson  Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas  alt 

Paul Simon

[You Can Call Me Al] with Chevy Chase-  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live  "Homeless"-Video  Audio  Live  [Diamonds On the Soles of Her Shoes]  Audio  [Live]  Live  [The Boy In The Bubble ]  [Under African Skies]  Audio  Paul Simon & Miriam Makeba-Live  Live  Live  Live  Evan Watson and Hilary Johnson 
Paul Simon The Story of Graceland  Why South Africa?  Were the songs political?  
Link: www.youtube.com

"Graceland" African Tour

Graceland musicians/Paul Simon/Miriam Makeba [Performing in Zimbabwe 1987]  Miriam Makeba [Performing in Zimbabwe 1987]  alt  "Township jive"  [The Boy In The Bubble]  "I know what I know"  "Whispering Bells"  "Gumboots"/"Whispering Bells"  Joan Baez and Paul Simon (Audio)  N'Kosi Sikeleli Africa. "South African National Anthem"  Paul Simon & LadySmith Black Mambazo part1 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Don't you want me"

The Human League [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  The Human League-Live  Live in Germany 1981  Live in Germany 1982  Live  Live  Live  Live 2006  Live 2008  Live 2010  Live 2012  Live 2016 
Atomic Tom [MV]  Glee-Audio+Lyrics  Chips Ahoy Commercial  Modern Science feat. Lisa Scinta 
The Human League [Human]  "The Lebanon"  Extended Version Audio  "I'm Only Human" 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Heart Of Gold"

Neil Young  alt +Lyrics  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Live at the BBC 1971  alt  Live at Farm Aid 1985  Live at Farm Aid 1995  Live at Farm Aid 1998  (2006)  live 2008  live 2009  Live at Farm Aid 2011 
Boney M [MV]  Johnny Cash-Audio  Audio  Willie Nelson-Audio  Roxette-Live  Foster The People  Black Label Society 
Neil Young "Harvest Moon" MV  alt  Audio  "Harvest" Live  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

Barry White Air Supply The Police Dido

"My First My Last My Everything"

Barry White-Live in Belgium  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Spanish subtitle  Italian subtitle  Live 1974  alt  alt +Spanish subtitle  Live 1975  Live  alt  Live 1979  Live 1987  Live 1988  Live with Luciano Pavarotti 2001  alt  alt  Mixed video  TV show "Ally McBeal"  Barry White at TV show "Ally McBeal"  Just Dance 4  BARRY WHITE & GLORIA GAYNOR-Audio  alt  Gloria Gaynor/Darryn Ray 2012  Gloria Gaynor  BARRY WHITE/Pavarotti  alt  Daniel Boaventura [MV]  Nicholas David  Lawrence Beamen-America Got Talent  Чарли Армстронг (Charlie Armstrong)-Russia Got Talent  Instrumental 

"Just the way you are"

Barry White-Audio  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live in Belgium  alt  Live  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Without You"

Air Supply  Lyrics  Live +Lyrics  Live +Lyrics  Live 1992  Live 
Mariah Carey 

"Making love Out of nothing at all"

  Air Supply [MV]  Original Video Clip  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1983  Live 1995  Live 

"Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You"

  Air Supply  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  George Benson (MV)  Live  Glenn Medeiros 

"Here I Am"

- Air Supply [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 

"All Out Of Love"

-Air Supply [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live 1995  Live 2004  Live 2012 

"The One That You Love"

-Air Supply [MV]  Lyrics  Live  Live 2004 

"Even the nights are better"

Air Supply [MV]  Lyrics  Live 1983  Live 2004  Live 2012 

"Lost In Love"

Air Supply [MV]  Air Supply [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Original Australian Version 1979  alt  Live 1980  Live  Live 2004  Acoustic Version 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Wrapped Around Your Finger"

The Police [MV]  Audio  Audio  Lyrics-"Star Wars' clips  Live Montreal 1983  Live  Live 2007  Live 2007  Live in Tokyo 2008  The Police Tribute Band  Live 

"Every Breath You Take"

The Police [MV]  Audio  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 1883  Live in Rio 2007  Live 2008  Sting/Phil Collins-Live Aid 1985  Robert Downey Jr. & Sting - TV show 'Ally McBeal' 
Emmerson Nogueira [MV]  Columbia Business School's Dean Glenn Hubbard-(Parody created by Columbia Business School students)  青山テルマ with Brian Mcknight  

"Fields Of Gold"

-- Sting [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 2001  Live 2011 
Celtic Woman [MV]  John Tesh/Everette Harp 
Link: www.youtube.com

"White Flag"

Dido [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  Spanish subtitle  English/Spanish subtitles  [Live 2003]  [Live 2003]  [Live at Brixton Academy] 2004  [Live Session]  Live 2003-Letterman show  Live 2004  Live 2004 in Rome  Live at MTV Europe Music Awards  Live-Spanish subtitle  Live-Spanish subtitle  Live-Spanish subtitle  Dido-Male Version-(Changed The Pitch By Using Audacity)  Hikaru/Kaoru-(Cartoon) 
Beatrice Miller-THE X FACTOR USA 2012  Lyrics  Jade Ellis -THE X FACTOR UK 2012  Diana Vickers  Jasmine Thompson 

"Thank You"

  Dido [MV]  Dido-[Acoustic]  Audio  [Live]  Lyrics  [Live-2001]  [Live at Brixton Academy] 2004  [alt]  Live  Live-2003  Live-2004  Live-(Acoustic)  Tenor Saxophone 

"Here With Me"

  Dido [MV]  Lyrics  [Live-2001]  [Live at Brixton Academy] 2004 

"Life For Rent"

  Dido [MV]  [Live-2003]  [Live at Brixton Academy] 2004  [alt] 

"I'm no Angel"

  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Mixed video 

"Girl Who Got Away"

  Live [Acoustic]  Dido-Audio  Lyrics  Dido Dicusses Girl Who Got Away  Full Album Sampler  Live 

"End of Night"

  Dido [MV]  Audio  [Lyrics]  [Behind the Scenes]  Live (Acoustic)  Live 


[Don't Leave Home]  [Sand In My Shoes] 
Link: www.youtube.com

Lucio Dalla O Mio Babbino Caro The DiamondsKetty Lester Michel Legrand


Lucio Dalla [MV]  Live in Verona  alt  alt  Lucio Dalla-Live  Live  Anna Oxa & Lucio Dalla Caruso live from Torno Sabato (2001)  Luciano Pavarotti/Lucio Dalla-Live  Audio  Pavarotti  English subtitles  Audio  Luciano Pavarotti & Jeff Beck-Audio  alt  alt  Andrea Bocelli-Audio  alt  Lyrics 
Andrea Bocelli [Live 1997]  Andrea Bocelli-Live  Lara Fabian  alt (digital clarity)  English subtitle  English subtitle  Lyrics  Lara Fabian Live  Lara Fabian Live  Lara Fabian Live  Lara Fabian Live  Lara Fabian Live +Lyrics  Lara Fabian/David Foster  alt +Lyrics 
Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano [MV]  Florent Pagny [MV]  Il Volo [Audio]  Live  Julio Iglesias-Audio  Live  Laura Pausini/Julio Iglesias  alt  Laura Pausini/Jovanotti  Laura Pausini/Jovanotti  Gigi D'Alessio  Noemi canta con Gigi D'Alessio  Ricardo Marinello  Konstantinos Paliatsaras  Diego El Cigala-Audio  Mercedes Sosa  Milva-Live  Aldo Romano Quartet-(Instrumental/trumpet)  Nino D'Angelo 
Link: www.youtube.com

"O mio babbino caro" ("Oh My Beloved Father")

-by Giacomo Puccini
Sissel  Sissel-English subtitle  Sissel Kyrkjebø (Denmark, 2002)   Audio/Lyrics  Audio  Original singer-Florence Easton, 1918 
Pumeza Matshikiza [MV]  David Phelps [Live]  Charlotte Church [Live]  Live  Joan Hammond won a Gold Record in 1969  Maria Callas  Maria Callas -Audio  Tayla Joyce  June Bronhill  Kiri te Kanawa  Angela GHEORGHIU  Montserrat Caballé  Renee Fleming  ANNA NETREBKO  Andre Rieu & Carmen Monarcha  Hayley Westenra  Hayley Westenra  Angela GHEORGHIU 
Sarah Brightman  Sarah Brightman  MARIA CALLAS - SARAH BRIGHTMAN - SISSEL KYRKJEBO-JACKIE EVANCHO   Jackie Evancho-America's Got Talent  9-year-old Jackie in June 2009 Singing Contest  alt  Live  Live on QVC  Live on Fox TV  Live/David Foster show  Jackie Evancho in Japan 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Little Darlin'"

The Diamonds-1957  The Diamonds-1957 and 2004  Audio  45 RPM record  Live 1957  Live 1959  Live  Live-"Little Darlin'" & "Words of Love"  Live  Live 2004  Live  Live-The Original Diamonds  Elvis Presley-Audio  Audio  Elvis Presley-Family photos  ELVIS PRESLEY "LITTLE DARLIN" REMIXED 

"Love Letters"

Ketty Lester (Audio)  Audio  Audio 1962  Live  Live 1999  Live 2002 
Alison Moyet [MV]  Elvis Presley-Audio  alt  Lyrics  Toni Tennille  Tom Jones and Jeff Beck  Rosemary Clooney 

"Feeling Good"

Original-Cy Grant feat. Bill LeSage 1964 (Audio)  Nina Simone (Audio)  (Audio)  (Audio)  Michael Bublé [Live}  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  George Michael [Live]  George Michael [Live]  Avicii [MV]  Muse [MV}  Ed Sheeran  Lauryn Hill (Audio)  Carly Rose  Shelley Smith 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Windmills of Your Mind"--"Les moulins de mon cœu"

Noel Harrison  Lyrics  Lyrics  Original 1968 promo  The Thomas Crown Affair(1968) Theme song  alt  Noel Harrison-Live 2008  Petula Clark-Audio  Nana Mouskouri-Audio  alt  Barbra Streisand-Audio  Live  alt  Dusty Springfield-Audio  alt  Live 1969  Skating  Daniel Boaventura [MV]  Omar Kamal [MV]  Susan Wong [Audio]  José Feliciano-Audio  Live  Vassilikos-Audio  alt  alt  Colleen Hewett-Live 1970  Eva Mendes  Eva Mendes  Sinne Eeg  Live  Regine Velasquez-Live  Alison Moyet (Lyrics)  Live  Sharleen Spiteri  Sting (Lyrics)  Irini Kyriakidou  Jessye Norman  Johnny Mathis  Take 6  All Angels  Lyrics  Chyi (齊豫) 
Instrumental-- HENRY MANCINI  Paul Mauriat  Instrumental  Jazz--Harmsen/Garcés 
Original French version:   Michel Legrand-Live  Live  Marie-Denise Pelletier  Frida BOCCARA  alt  Julia Migenes  Tina Arena-Live (French/English)  Amaury Vassili-"Les moulins de mon coeur"  Claudia Marsan-Live  Grégory Lemarchal Star Academy  Grégory Lemarchal et Lucie Bernardoni  Chorus  Instrumental--Michel Legrand/Mark Michel Le Bevillon/Andre Ceccarelli/  Michel Legrand/Claude Bolling  alt 
Link: www.youtube.com

Billy Joel Billy Joel Orleans Queen

"My Life"

Billy Joel [MV]  [Audio]  [Karaoke]  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live 1994 in Frankfurt]  Live 1982  Live 1984  alt with Spanish subtitle  1991  Live in Tokyo 2006  [Live 2011]  2015  Billy Joel/Elton John 1998  Official Instrumental  Nicholas Wells 

"Just the Way You Are"

Billy Joel [MV]  [Audio]  [Karaoke]  Lyrics  Live 1977  [Live From Long Island]  Live  alt  Live 1984  Live Japan 2006 with Lyrics  Rome 2006  Billy Joel/Marlee Matlin  Elton John/Billy Joel  Diana Krall [MV] 

"She's Always A Woman"

Billy Joel [Audio+Lyrics]  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1978  Live 1978  Live 2006  [Live 2011 at Shea Stadium]  Josh Groban & Sharon Isbin  Isaac Waddington 

"It's Still Rock And Roll To Me"

Billy Joel [MV]  [Audio]  Lyrics  Live 1984  [Live in Russia 1987]  Live 2006 with Spanish subtitle  Live 2014 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Piano Man"

Billy Joel [MV]  [Audio]  Audio-photos  Lyrics  Lyrics  Original video 1973  alt  1973  1982  1984  [1990 at Yankee Stadium]  [The River Of Dreams Tour]  1994  2000  Tokyo 2006  [2011 at Shea Stadium]  alt  Elton John/Billy Joel-Tokyo 1998  alt  alt  Elton John/Billy Joel  Billy Joel & Guests-Gershwin Prize-2014 

"Uptown Girl"

  Billy Joel [MV]  [Audio]  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live1984  Live in USSR 1987  Rome 2006  live 2014  Billy Joel speech [Inspiration For "Uptown Girl" 1995] 
Westlife [MV]  [Audio]  [Live 2002]  2002  [Live In Dublin]  [Live In Stockholm]  [Live] with Lyrics  [Live] +Comment  Glee  Boy Band Top 14 (2017) 

"We Didn't Start The Fire"

  Billy Joel [MV]  [Audio]  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live 1994]  Live 2011  [Live at Yankee Stadium]  [Live at Shea Stadium]  [Q&A at Oxford 1994] 
Billy Joel [Honesty]  [Audio]  [Live 1987]  [The River of Dreams]  [alt]  [Audio]  [Live 1994]  [Live at Shea Stadium]  [You May Be Right]  [Audio]  [Live 1987]  [Live at Shea Stadium]  [Allentown]  [Audio]  [Live 1994]  [Live at Shea Stadium]  [Leningrad]  [Audio]  [Live 1994]  "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" with Elton John  Sara Bareilles [MV] 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Still The One"

Orleans (Lyrics)  Lyrics  Live 1976  Live 1982  Live  Live at New Bern, NC   Live 2006  Live 2008  Live 2009  Live 2013 

"Dance with me"

Orleans Live  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1976  Live 1986  Live  Present-day Orleans Trio 2010  Live 2011 
Link: www.youtube.com

"We Are The Champion"

Queen {MV}  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1978  Live 1981  Live Aid 1985  alt  Live 1985  1986  Live 1982/1986  Liza Minnelli/Freddie Mercury Tribute  (Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert)  Crazy Frog [Animated MV]  Peanuts Gang  Green Day 2004  Jimmy Fallon et al 

"We Will Rock You"

  Queen {MV}  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Studio Version 1977  Live  Live 1979  Live  Live 1985  Live 1986  Five/Queen [MV]  Queen + Adam Lambert 2015 (We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions)  Warrant [MV]  Pepsi Commercial (Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink & Enrique Iglesias)  

"Another One Bites the Dust"

-- Queen {MV}  {Audio}  {MV + Lyrics}  Lyrics  Live 1981 in Montreal  Live 1981/1982  Live 1982  Live 1985  LIVE AT WEMBLEY 1986  alt  Queen/Adam Lambert 2015  Queen/Adam Lambert/Lady Gaga  Dance - Project 21  

"Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

-- Queen {MV}  Lyrics  Live aid 1985  Live 1986  Live  (Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert)  Elvis Presley- Audio  Audio 

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

-- Queen {MV}  Lyric Video  Audio  Live 1975  Live 1986  Live Aid 1985  Live  Live  Live 1982  Pentatonix  Pink Audio  Panic! At The Disco  Audio  Muppet Music Video 
Link: www.youtube.com

Starship The Car Bob Seger Sister Sledge

"Nothing's Gonna Stop us Now"

Starship [MV]  alt  [Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Fan-made video  Fan-made video  Live 1996  Live  2008  2008  2010  2012  Sweet X Factor Audition -Nothing's Gonna Stop Us 

Link: www.youtube.com

"Drive (Who's Gonna Drive You Home Tonight)"

The Cars [MV}  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live AID concert (1985)  alt  Live Aid 1985-Video  alt  Live 1985 Boston  Live 1987  Live  Scorpions  alt  Lyrics  Britta Phillips [MV]  Julio Iglesias  Audio  Audio  The Paradise Motel  2001 film He Died with a Felafel in His Hand  DEFTONES-Audio  Jason Donovan  KATRINA CARLSON feat. BENJAMIN ORR  Jeff Campbell 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Old Time Rock N' Roll"

Bob Seger Live 1983  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Karaoke  "Risky Business" the movie  Early version of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll"  1980  1978  Live 1996  Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen 2011  alt  The Pointer Sisters Old Time Rock & Roll   Jerry Lee Lewis   Status Quo  First Drafts of Rock-Live at Jimmy Fallon show  Paul McDonald -AMERICAN IDOL show  Pablo López "Jahvel Johnson" [Audio] 
Link: www.youtube.com

"We Are Family"

Sister Sledge [MV}  Sister Sledge-1979 Video  Sister Sledge (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1979  Live 1980  1980  Live in Japan  Sister Sledge & Jade 1993  Live  Live At The Budokan  Live on Oprah 2011  Live 2012 
All Stars-We Are Family Foundation  We Are Family : A Musical Message for All  We Are Family Foundation 10 Year Celebration Gala  
Link: www.youtube.com

The Pointer Sisters The Chi-lites The Stylistics The Three Degrees

"Slow Hand"

The Pointer Sisters-Live 1981  alt  alt with spanish subtitle  Karaoke  Karaoke  Live 1981  alt  alt  Live 1990  Live  2012  2013  2014  Conway Twitty (Audio)  Live  Live  Kristen Kelly  張德蘭 (Cantonese)  Parody 


  The Pointer Sisters (1980 MV)  Extended Mix  Audio  Live (Best version)  Live 1980  1981  1991  2012  Animated video 

"I'm So Excited"

  The Pointer Sisters [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live]  Live 1984  Live  Live  1988  1996  2002  Live at Etam Lingerie show 2012  The Flirtations [Audio]  Cristie, Nika y Natalia  Just Dance 3 

"Jump (For My Love)"

  The Pointer Sisters (MV) 1983  alt  "Neutron Dance" and "Jump'  Live Mix video  alt  Lyrics  Live 1984  Live 1988  Live 1993  [Live]  2001  2012  Girls Aloud [MV]  Girls Aloud [Live]  Lyrics  "Love Actually" Soundtrack  Perpetuum Jazzile, A Capella 


  The Pointer Sisters  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Artistic video  Live 1978  alt  Live1979  alt  1981  Live  2011  2012  2014 

The Pointer Sisters

Live- Neutron Dance [MV]  1975 (25 min)  1985 (medley) 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Have you seen her"

The Chi-lites (Audio)  Audio  Lyrics  Live at Soul Train  Live at FLIP WILSON SHOW  Live 1971  Live  alt  Live 
MC Hammer  alt  Derrick Harriott (Audio)  (Audio) 


The Chi-lites (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live +Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  "Oh Girl" & "Have You Seen Her" 
Paul Young [MV]  Live  Live  Paul Wall (Audio)  Lyrics  Con Hunley (Audio)  Live 

"The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Audio)

The Chi-lites  Audio/Lyrics  Peter Blakeley [MV]  George Michael [Audio]  Leona Lewis [Audio]  Celine Dion Live  Peter, Paul & Mary Live  Matt Cardle Live  Johnny Cash Audio  Roberta Flack Audio  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

"You Make Me Feel Brand New"

The Stylistics  (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live 2005 
Rod Stewart (feat Mary J.Blige)-Audio  Simply Red (Lyrics)  Live  alt  Live  Live  Babyface (Audio)  (Lyrics) 

"You are everything"

The Stylistics (Audio)  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live (Portuguese subtitle)  Live 2012  The Stylistics/Russell Thompkins,Jr 
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye (Audio)  alt  Lyrics  Daryl Hall and John Oates  Daryl Hall and John Oates  David Sanborn-Instrumental  Cover with Lyrics 

"Hey There Lonely Girl"

The Stylistics/Eddie Holman Audio  Audio  Eddie Holman Live  alt  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

"When will see you again"

The Three Degrees (1974)  alt  [Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1973  Live 1974  Live  Live with Lyrics  Live 1982  Live at royal albert hall 1982  alt  Live 1983  Live 1993 with Thomas Anders  Live 1993 with Thomas Anders  Live with Thomas Anders  alt  The Three Degrees Live in Pittsburgh  alt  Live 2011  2012 medley  Sheila Ferguson (The Three Degrees) Ballad Version 
Thomas Anders Live 2011  Marcia Griffiths-Audio  Polly Jean Harvey   KEN BOOTHE-Audio  TATA MAHADEWI  S.E.S 
Japanese version- The Three Degrees  alt 
Cantonese version 幾時再見?- Priscilla Chan 陳慧嫻  Audio  Live 2009 

The Three Degrees

  "Woman in love"  "Dirty Ol' Man" Audio  Medley 1975  T.S.O.P. [The Sound of Philadelphia] ft. The Three Degrees 
Link: www.youtube.com

The Supremes Diana Ross Aretha Franklin Bette Midler

"Stop In The Name Of Love"

The Supremes (Audio)  Audio +Photos  Lyrics  Live 1965  alt  Live 1965  Live  The Hollies  Glee  Lyrics 

"Baby Love"

  The Supremes (Live)  alt  Lyrics  Live  Live 

"My World Is Empty Without You"

  The Supremes Live  alt  Lyrics  Live  Ben L'Oncle Soul 

"Where did our love go"

  The Supremes (Live)  Audio +Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1964 

The Supremes

"Love Child"  Live  "Reflections"  Live 1967  "Reflections +Lady Is A Tramp"  "Someday We'll Be Together"  Live  "You Can't Hurry Love"  Lyrics  Live  Diana Ross Live 1983  The Supreme Dreams 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Reach out and touch somebody's hand"

Diana Ross (Audio)  Live  Live  Live 1983 in Central Park  1989  2005  Live 2008 at the Nobel peace prize concert  alt  Cover with Lyrics 

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

  Diana Ross 1970 (Audio)  Lyrics  Live 1978  1979  1981  1983  Live 1999 +"Endless Love"  From the Movie "Sister Act 2"  alt  Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 1967  alt 

The Supremes

Why Do Fools Fall In Love [MV]  All for one  Live 
Westlife with Diana Ross-"When You Tell Me That You Love Me"  Diana Ross & Patti Labelle-"I Wanna Know What Love Is" 
Link: www.youtube.com


Aretha Franklin (Original version) 1967 Audio  Aretha Franklin Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1967  1968  1971  1976  [Live]  1990  2003  2007  2008 

"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman"

Aretha Franklin (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1968  Live 1968  Live 1971  Live 1977  Live  Live  [Live at MDA Telethon]  Live 1994  Live 2015  Carole King-Live  Live 
Adele  Whitney Houston  Celine Dion  Mary J. Blige  Amanda Brown  Superfly 

Aretha Franklin

"Rolling In the Deep" [Audio]  "Think" [MV]  "Think" (Blues Brothers version)  alt  "Chain Of Fools"  Live 1968  Mariah Carey/Aretha Franklin 
Aretha Franklin/Marvis Staples [Oh Happy Day]  Aretha Franklin/Smokey Robinson-"Ooo Baby Baby"  alt  Ashanti/Smokey Robinson  Smokey Robinson & The Miracles  Lyrics  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Wind Beneath My Wings"

Bette Midler [MV]  Bette Midler Live  Movie "Beaches" soundtrack  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live with Spanish subtitle  Live Yankee Stadium 2001  Live  Live 2008  Live 2010 in Las Vegas  alt 
[Music Video Tribute to Hero}  Steven Houghton [MV]  Celine Dion  alt  Live  Sheena Easton MV  Live  Jennifer Holliday  Idina Menzel  Gary Morris  Skylar Laine at American Idol 2012 

"The Rose"

Bette Midler  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1995  alt  1997  Live 1999  Bette Midler & Wynonna Judd  

"From A Distance"

Bette Midler [MV] 
Link: www.youtube.com

Connie Stevens Linda Scott The GO-GOs PATTY RYAN: You're my love you're my life

"Sixteen Reasons"

Connie Stevens (Audio)  alt  Lyrics  Live  alt  Movie 'Mulholland drive' theme song  alt  alt + 'I've Told Every Little Star'  The Lettermen   Ivana van der Veen  Angelina Monti-German version 
Link: www.youtube.com

"I've Told Every Little Star"

Linda Scott (Audio) 1961  (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics + Added Scenes from "Grease"  Movie "Mulholland Drive"  alt  GITTE HÆNNING  Ysabella Brave  Django Band/Polina Kasianova   Cannonball Quintet-Instrumental 
Original 1932 version-- Jack Denny And His Orchestra  alt 
Link: www.youtube.com

"We Got The Beat"

The GO-GOs [Live]  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live in Berlin 1982  Live in Greek 1984  Live in France 1995  Live 1999  Live 2001  Live 2001  Live 2006  Live Dancing With The Stars Finale 2011  Live-Houston 2012 
Debby Ryan [MV]  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Glee TV Show  Audio  Glee TV Show clips  The Fresh Beat Band-Live  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

"You're my love, You're my life"

PATTY RYAN: You're My Love,You're My Life  alt  Lyrics  Live 2005  Live  alt  Live  Live 

"You're my heart, You are my soul"

Lynda Trang (MV)  MV  Remix Video  Audio  Live 
Modern Talking [MV]  [MV]  Lyrics  Live  Live  Thomas Anders  Cover with Lyrics 
Patty Ryan "Stay with me tonight"  alt 
Link: www.youtube.com

LEO SAYER Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane Player - Baby Come Back

"When I Need You"

LEO SAYER (MV)  MV  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1977  Live 1977  alt  Live 1976  alt (Spanish subtitle)  Live  Live 2001 
Rod Stewart (MV)  (Audio)  Lyrics  Celine Dion [Audio]  Lyrics  Spanish subtitle  Live  Julio iglesias [MV]  Lyrics  Live  Boney M [Live]  Jocelyn B. Smith [Audio] 

"More Than I Can Say"

LEO SAYER  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1980  Live 1980  Live 1980  Live  Live  Live 2009  Live 
LEO SAYER "You make me feel like dancing"  Live  "Let It Be" 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Somebody To Love"

Jefferson Airplane  alt  alt  [Audio]  Audio  Audio  clips from movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1967 (Studio)  alt  Live 1967  Live 1967  Live at Woodstock 1969  alt  alt  alt  Live at Dick Cavett Show  Live with Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, David Crosby and Marty Balin  Live 1970  Live 2009  Live 2012  Jefferson Starship Live 2012  Boogie Pimps  JIM CARREY in the movie "The Cable Guy" 
Link: www.youtube.com

"White Rabbit"

Jefferson Airplane (MV)  [Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live American Bandstand, 1967  alt  Live at Woodstock 1969  Alt  Alt +Lyrics  Live 1970  Live 1975  Live 1982  Live-"White Rabbit/Somebody To Love"  alt  Live 2012  Jefferson Starship 2012 
Pink  Grace Potter and the Nocturnals  Lyon Land Band 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Baby Come Back"

Player  alt with Lyrics  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1977  Live 1978  Live  On "General Hospital" 2014  alt  Live 2013  Live 2014  Live 2016 
Peter Beckett(from Player)/Little River Band 1991  alt  Lisa Stansfield (Audio)  CoverGirls 

Link: www.youtube.com

Little Peggy March PETULA CLARK Aaron Neville And Linda Rondstadt Hava Nagila

"I will follow him"

Little Peggy March (Audio)  Lyrics  1963 original Live +Lyrics  alt-remastered audio  Live  English/Japanese version (Audio)  alt-remastered audio  Live 2002  alt  50th Anniversary Recording 2013  Peggy March & José Hoebee 2012  José Hoebee  José 1982  José 1982  José Hoebee  José Hoebee  José Hoebee  Skeeter Davis  Ricky Nelson - I Will Follow You  Rosemary Clooney - I will follow you  Andre Rieu  Movie "Sister act"  alt  kirchliche Trauung Lieder  Philippine prison dancers 
Petula Clark (Audio)-English  Petula Clark (French: Chariot)  Audio  Live  Petula Clark (Italian : Sul Mio Carro)  Betty Curtis (Italian : Sul Mio Carro)  Petula Clark (German : Cheerio)  Petula Clark-4 languages(English: I Will Follow Him, French: Chariot, German: Cheerio, Italian: Sul mio Carro)  Raphael (Spanish : La Tierra)  Raphael 
Peggy March, Ireen Sheer & Lena Valaitis - Medley Hits der 60er-Jahre 2013 
Link: www.youtube.com

"This Is My Song"

-written by Charlie Chaplin in 1966
Petula Clark (Audio)  Lyrics  French version-"C'est ma chanson"  French version-(Audio)  Live 1967 - French/English)  Live-"Winchester Cathedral" & "This Is My Song"  Live 1971  Live 2001  Symphony  alt  "C'est ma chanson" - Tereza Kesovija  Tereza Kesovija  Petula Clark -Italian version "Cara felicità" -(Dear Happiness)-(Soundtrack Of The Film "The Countess From Hong Kong")  alt 


Petula Clark  alt  Lyrics  [Karaoke]  Live 1965  Live 1965  Live 1967  alt  Live 2013  Medley 1971-"This Is My Song/Downtown/Das ist mein Leben Cherie"  The Saw Doctors feat. Petula Clark 

"Kiss Me Goodbye"

Petula Clark (Audio)  alt  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live  Live  Live - German/English  Live - French (Dis moi au revoir) +English  Live  Tracy Huang 黄莺莺  Josephine Siao Fongfong 蕭芳芳 

"My love"

  Petula Clark (Audio)  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 


  Petula Clark (Audio)  Live 2012  alt 

Petula Clark

  "You're The One " - Live  Petula Clark & Bobby Darin - "All I Have To Do Is Dream" 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Don't Know Much"

Aaron Neville And Linda Rondstadt  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Spanish subtitle  Live  alt  alt  Live  alt  Aaron Neville  Aaron Neville 2016 

"All My Life"

Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville (Lyrics)  Lyrics  Live  Live  alt 

"You're No Good"

Linda Rondstadt  alt  Lyrics  Live 1974  1974  1976  1980 

"Long Long Time"

Linda Rondstadt at Glen Campbell show 1970  alt  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1969  1970 with Bobby Darin  alt  1970 "Lovesick Blue & Long Long Time"  Live 1973 Midnight Special  Live  Live  Tracy Huang 黄莺莺  alt 

"It's So Easy"

Linda Rondstadt [MV]  Audio  Live  2014 Induction Tribute to Linda Ronstadt 
Linda Rondstadt
"Tracks Of My Tears" [MV]  "Tracks Of My Tears" (Audio)  Live 
Link: www.youtube.com

"Hava Nagila"

(הבה נגילה)
Instrumental Roy Howard/Whiskey Mick(Guitar & Mandolin)  Instrumental music  Andre Rieu  Andre Rieu  Violina  Joe Brown (Guitar) 
Audio  Lyrics  Anri joxadze/Veriko turashvili  Band(Amrutam Gamaya) Vocals(Amrutha Suresh, Abhirami Suresh)  Jednego Serca Jednego Ducha 2010  Rugul Aprins - Toflea & Ema Repede  Les Choeurs de l'Armée Rouge  Texas style  Harry Belafonte (Audio)  Harry Belafonte (Lyrics)  Danny Kaye & Harry Belafonte  Bob Dylan  alt  Neil Diamond  Connie Francis "Exodus/Havah Negilah"  DALIDA  alt  Rika Zaraï  Taly Kuper  Chubby Checker (Audio)  Chubby Checker Twist  Chubby Checker Twist (CLIP)  Алла Рид 
Hebrew/English  Gad Elbaz  Texas Style  Russian style  Russian style  Lauren Rose  Hebrew/Spanish 
Dance  Dance  The Bottle Dance movie "Fiddler on the roof"  Jewish Klezmer Music 
Link: www.youtube.com

Billy Ocean Tom Jones George Harrison - While my guitar gently weeps
"Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)"- Billy Ocean [MV]  alt  Billy Ocean [Live]  [Live in London]  Billy Ocean-(Audio) 1984  Extended Version (Audio)  Lyrics  [Karaoke]  Live  Live 1984  Live 2011  Live 2015  Live 2016  Live Acoustic  Daryl Hall & Billy Ocean  Fabrizio Rosset & Manyus 
Link: www.youtube.com
"I Who Have Nothing"- Tom Jones (Lyrics)  Live 1974  alt  Live  Live  Live  2002 version (Audio)  Shirley Bassey Live  Live 1966  Shirley Bassey 1987  Shirley Bassey Live  Neil Diamond  Joe Cocker  Jordin Sparks  Jordin Sparks  Candice Glover  Audio  Simone Gundy  Mary Byrne  Haley Reinhart  Nikki 
Link: www.youtube.com
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"- The Beatles Live-George Harrison et al  alt  Audio  George Harrison & Eric Clapton  Audio -Live recording  Cirque du Soleil Beatles show "LOVE" [MV]  "Making While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (LOVE Version)  "Reference  "Reference (Wikipedia)  Cirque du Soleil production 
Eric Clapton  Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others  Jo Walsh, Gary Clarke Jnr & Dave Grohl  The Beats 
Regina Spektor: 2016 film "Kubo and the two strings"  alt  MV -Fan Made  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live-Shamisen 
"Don't Let Me Down"- The Beatles [MV]  Cover-Them Beatles  Karaoke  Audio/Lyrics  Audio 1969  John Lennon -Audio 
"My Sweet Lord"- George Harrison [Audio]  (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Tom Petty  alt  alt  FAMILY & FRIENDS 
Link: www.youtube.com
"Make It With You"- Bread Live  Lyrics  alt  alt  Audio  Live  Live at at Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special 1977  alt  Live 1970  alt 

"A Song For You"- Leon Russell (Audio)  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1972  alt +Lyrics  Live  Live 2011  Live 2014 
Ray Charles 

"This Masquerade"-by Leon Russell George Bebson (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live George Benson/Chaka Khan/Ray Charles 
Leon Russell (Audio)  Lyrics  Live  Leon Russell/Rumer 
Carpenters (Audio)  Lyrics  Live Karen Carpenter/Ella Fizgerald  alt 
Link: www.youtube.com

Youssou N'Dour ft. Neneh Cherry Youssou N'Dour: Africa Dream Again
"Seven Seconds"- Youssou N'Dour ft. Neneh Cherry [MV]  Lyrics  Audio  Youssou N'Dour/Neneh Cherry (Live)  alt (Spanish subtitle)  (Live)  alt  (Live)  alt  Youssou N'Dour/DiDo  alt  Youssou N'Dour/DiDo  Youssou N'Dour/Annie Lennox  Youssou N'Dour/Zazie  Youssou N'Dour/Eurythmics  Youssou N'Dour/Emma Daumas  Youssou N'Dour & sister-in-law (Viviane N'Dour)   Youssou N'Dour/Tracy Chapman  Youssou N'Dour/Anggun  Youssou N'Dour/Licia Chery  Youssou N'Dour/Khatia Buniatishvili and Anggun  Neneh Cherry/Carlou D with Kungliga Filharmonikerna (Royal Philharmonics) (Live) 
Link: www.youtube.com
"Africa Dream Again"- Youssou N'Dour  (Audio)  (Audio)  Live  Live  Youssou N'Dour/Le Super Etoile (Live)  Youssou N'Dour/Le Super Etoile (Live)  alt  Youssou N'Dour/BERCY 
"Africa"- Youssou N'Dour (Live)  Youssou N'Dour (Live) 
"New Africa"- Youssou N'Dour (Live)  Audio (Live) 
"Be Careful"- Youssou N'Dour [MV] 
"Ban La"- Youssou N'Dour [Audio] 
Link: www.youtube.com

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize Read the article at The New York Times   Copy
Why Bob Dylan Shouldn’t Have Gotten a Nobel Read the article at The New York Times
Why Bob Dylan shouldn't have gotten the Nobel prize for literature Read the article at www.slate.com
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Bob Dylan Read the article at Wikipedia

Bob Dylan
Why Bob Dylan won’t win the Nobel Prize Read the article at www.salon.com   Copy
Bob Dylan deserves the Nobel Prize Read the article at www.salon.com

Bob Dylan's Blowin in The Wind Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A Changin' Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash Bob Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone
"Blowin in The Wind"- Bob Dylan (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Bob Dylan Live 1963 (Best version)  Live (English/Korean subtitles)  Live 1985 (with Ron Wood & Keith Richards)  Live 2016  Peter, Paul and Mary (Audio/Lyrics)  Live/Lyrics  Neil Young Live at Farm Aid 2013  The Seekers Audio  Emmerson Nogueira [Live] 
Link: www.youtube.com
"The Times They Are A Changin' "- Bob Dylan Live 1964  Audio  Audio  Live 1976  Live at the White House  Live with Lyrics on screen  Movie "Watchmen" theme song  Bruce Springsteen - 1997 Kennedy Center Honors (Bob Dylan Tribute)  The Beach Boys [Audio]  RJ Thompson [MV]  Peter, Paul and Mary (Audio/Lyrics)  Live  Live  BYRDS Live  BYRDS Live/Lyrics  Eddie Vedder (Lyrics) 
Link: www.youtube.com
"Girl from the North Country"- Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash  Theme song from 'Silver Linings Playbook' 2012 scene  alt  Bob Dylan Live  Bob Dylan Live 1988  Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash  Crosby Stills & Nash  Crosby Stills & Nash  Eddie Vedder  Sting  Black Crowes (Audio)  Black Crowes Live 2008  Neil Young 
Link: www.youtube.com
"Like a Rolling Stone"- Bob Dylan [Interactive Video]  Bob Dylan (Audio)  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1966  Live  Live/Lyrics  Live at Rio de Janeiro  Live 2016  Green Day (Lyrics)  John Mayer Live 

Link: www.youtube.com

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Rolling Stone: The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

References:    (Wikipedia)    Rolling Stone    web.archive.org    lyrics.wikia.com   www.classicrockforums.com  

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time:   492 full videos on YouTube   486 full videos on YouTube   113 full videos on YouTube  

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time on YouTube:   (500-401) in one video   (400-301)   (300-201)   (200-101)   (100-1)  

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time on YouTube:   (1-100) in one video   (101-200)   (201-300)   (301-400)  

500 Greatest Songs of All Time:   500 full videos on YouTube  
500 full videos on YouTube  

...... The classics ......

"Take My Breath Away"- Berlin + Movie "Top Gun" theme [MV]  Audio  Movie "Top Gun" theme  "Top Gun" theme + Lyrics  Lyrics  Berlin-Live 1987  Live  Live  Live 2011  Live 2014  "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"- Chicago  alt  Lyrics  Audio  Live  Live  Live-Spanish subtitle  Westlife-"Hard To Say I'm Sorry"  Audio  Peter Cetera  Julienne Taylor [Audio]  "Chasing Cars"- Snow Patrol (2006) [MV]  2007 version [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live (Acoustic version)  [Live 2006]  Live 2007  [Live 2009]  Live 2009  [Live 2012 on Letterman show]  The Wind and The Wave [Audio]  [Live]  Jack Rose [MV]  "Lovesong"- The Cure  Lyrics  Lyrics on description  Live  Live 2008  Live 2011  Adele [MV]  Adele  311 [MV]  Candice Glover at AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 
"Kiss Me"- Sixpence None The Richer 1998  alt  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Video +Spanish subtitle  Live  Acoustic  Acoustic  Live  Live  Live 2013  Susan Wong [MV]  "Louie Louie"- The KINGSMEN  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1965  Live  Live  Origin of "Louie Louie"-3 versions  The Kinks  Paul Revere/The Raiders (Audio)  Live  Jack Ely/The Courtmen  "Truly Madly Deeply"- Savage Garden [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  "A Thousand Miles"- Vanessa Carlton [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Karaoke]  Live 2003 Grammys  Live  Live  Live  Ronan Parke [MV]  Boyce Avenue feat. Alex Goot acoustic cover 
"You Give Love A Bad Name"- Bon Jovi [MV]  Lyrics  Audio +Lyrics  [Live]  Live  Live in London 1995  Live  Live 2013  "You're Beautiful"- James Blunt [MV}  Lyrics  Lyrics  {Live}  Live  Live Austin City  Live +Spanish subtitle  Live 2007 at Grammys  Live from Koko, London 2007 
How to Play You're Beautiful  How to Play on Guitar 
"Alone"- Heart [MV]  Audio-Long version  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Heart/The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 2016 [Live]  Live 1990  Live 2013  Carrie Underwood and Heart  Ann Wilson With Carrie Underwood  Céline Dion [MV]  Live (Lyrics +Chinese subtitle) 
"Hey There Delilah"- Plain White T's [MV]  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Tom Higgenson (Plain White T's)-(acoustic live)  Live 2007  Live 2008  Live 2009  Live 2011  Arnold Palmer [MV]  "Boomerang/Hey There Delilah" 2011 
"(Everything I Do) I Do It For You"- Bryan Adams 1991  Bryan Adams-SPECIAL EDIT (Mixed video)  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live 1996]  Live 1992  Live 2007  Live 2015 
"Heaven"- Bryan Adams [MV]  Fan's video  Lyrics  Karaoke  [Live 1996]  Live 1985  Live in Ireland 1984  Acoustic Live  Live 2007  Live 2012  Bryan Adams/Jason Aldean  Boyce Avenue/Megan Nicole  Jason Aldean/Bryan Adams +Lyrics  "Iris"- Goo Goo Dolls {MV}  Goo Goo Dolls-1998 movie "City of Angels" theme song  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live Acoustic   Live 2013  Live with Avril Lavigne  "Creep"- Radiohead  Lyrics  Lyrics  Clips from Johnny Depp in the french film "ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants"  Live 1993  Live 1994  Live 2006  Live 2009 
"Nothing gonna change my love for you"- George Benson Live 1987  Lyrics  Origina MV  Live 1985  Live 2011  Live 2013 
Oli.P [MV]  Glenn Mederios  Live  Live 
"Always"- Atlantic Starr  alt  Lyric  Lyric  Lyric  Live  Live  Live 1987 with Whitney Houston  Live 2010  Live 2013  "Nine Million Bicycles"- Katie Melua  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  "My Immortal"- Evanescence [MV]  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics on description  [Live]  Live  Live  Live in Billboard Music Awards  Live 2012  Cover by Lindsey Stirling (Violin) 
"How do I live"- Trisha Yearwood  Alt  Alt +Lyrica  Lyrica  Live +Lyrics  Live 2007  Live at CMA 1997  LeAnn Rimes {Live}  Lyrics  Toni Braxton and Trisha Yearwood  "All I Have To Do Is Dream"- Everly Brothers-Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1958  alt  Live 1958  Live 1961  Live 1989  Live 2004  Rita Wilson [MV]  Petula Clark & Bobby Darin  Emmylou Harris & Alison Krauss  Andy Gibb and Victoria Principal  "Sealed with a kiss"- Brian Hyland 1962  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live 1988  Live  Bobby Vinton 1972  Live  Jason Donavan  alt  "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You"- UB40  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live 2007  Celine Dion  Elvis Presley (Audio) 
"Tears In Heaven"- Eric Clapton  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 1999  Live 2001  Live 2013  Emmerson Nogueira [MV]  The Choir Boys [MV]  Boyce Avenue acoustic cover  "Wonderful Tonight"- Eric Clapton {Live}  Audio-(Full Version 8min)  Lyrics  Live  alt +Lyrics  Live 1996  Live  "Another Brick In The Wall"- Pink Floyd   alt  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live 1980  Live 1980  Live 1994  Live  Live 2012  Roger Waters  "Hungry Like The Wolf"- Duran Duran [MV]  Lyrics  Live 1982  Live  Live  alt  Steve Aoki vs Duran Duran 
"Mickey"- Toni Basil  Extended version  Lyrics  Spanish Audio  BBC special  Live  Live  Live  Sweet California [MV]  Sweet Suspense-THE X FACTOR 2013  "You Send Me"- Sam Cooke-Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1957 on The Ed Sullivan Show  Live  Susan Wong [Audio]  Phil Perry  R. Kelly  "I Can't Make You Love Me"- Bonnie Raitt [MV]  Lyrics  Live  Live 1992 Grammys  Live  Live 2012  Live 2013  Adele  George Michael [Live]  alt  Leroy Sanchez  SOAK [Live]  "Little White Church" 2010- Little Big Town [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  Karaoke  Live 2011  Live 2012  Live 2013  Live 2014  Live 2015  David Phelps 

"Up where we belong"- Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes 1983  Audio +Lyrics  An Officer and a Gentleman theme song  alt  Lyrics  Joe Cocker/Jennifer Warnes Live  Live  alt  Live 1992  Live 2012  Live 2013  Joe Cocker Live  An Officer and a Gentleman The Musical 
"You are so beautiful"- Joe Cocker [Live]  Live  Lyrics 
"Something Stupid"- Frank & Nancy Sinatra (Audio)  alt  Nancy Sinatra/Frank Sinatra, Jr.  Lyrics  Roger Cicero/Yvonne Catterfeld [MV]  Robbie Williams/Nicole Kidman  alt  Lyrics  Michael Buble / Reese Witherspoon  alt  GLEE  Lyrics  "Love Will Lead You Back"- Taylor Dayne [MV]  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Spanish subtitle  Live 1990  Live 1998  alt  Live  Live 2006  Live 2010 MDA Telethon  Mariah Carey (Audio)  Kyla  Karen Rodriguez  Studio version  Yuri-"Quién Eres Tú" [Spanish Audio]  "Total Eclipse of the Heart"- Bonnie Tyler [MV]  [Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Karaoke]  Live 1984 [Live]  Live 1984 Grammys  Live   Live  Live  Live  Live  Live 2012  Live 2013  Special Track  Westlife [Live] 
"You Know I'm No Good"- Amy Winehouse [MV]  Original Demo  Audio-Photo  Lyrics  Live  Live 2007 London  Live 2007  Live  Acoustic  Acoustic Live  Ghostface Killah/Amy Winehouse  Remix  "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"- James Brown [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1966  Live 1967  Live 1983 ft. Michael Jackson  Live 1991  Live 2003  James Brown/Luciano Pavarotti  alt  Christina Aguilera  Etta James (Audio)  Seal Live  Audio  Yseult [Audio]  Judith Hill vs. Karina Iglesias at "The Voice"  "When A Man Loves A Woman"- Percy Sledge [Live]  (Audio) 1966  Lyrics  Live  Live  Michael Bolton & Percy Sledge  alt  Michael Bolton [Live]  [Audio]  Lyrics  Live  Live  Michael Bolton/Seal  Seal (Audio)  Otis Redding  Joshua Ledet  Joshua Ledet at the White House  Jimmy Barnes [Live]  "I'm Every Woman"- Chaka Khan [Live]  Bridget Jones Diary Soundtrack  Live 1978  Live 2002  Live/David Foster & Friends  alt  Live 2008  Whitney Houston & Chaka khan 1999  alt  Whitney Houston [MV]  [Live]  Live  Amanda Brown  Jenny Jones Vs Joelle Moses "The Voice UK" 
"In the Still of the Night"- The Five Satins (Audio) 1956  Movie "Dirty Dancing" Soundtrack  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live  Boyz II Men  Lyrics  Live  The Contours  (Acapella)  (Acapella)  "If You Don't Know Me By Now"- Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes [Audio] 1972  alt  alt  Lyrics  Live 1972  Live 1973  Live  Live 2010  Martina McBride [MV]  Seal (Audio)  Simply Red (Lyrics)  "Always & Forever"- Heatwave (Audio) 1976  alt  alt  Lyrics  Live (Original Version)  alt  Live 1978  Live  Live  Live  Whistle  Luther Vandross  "Everybody Plays The Fool"- The Main Ingredient [Audio] 1972  Lyrics  Live  Live 1974  alt  Live 2013 with Cuba Gooding, Sr  AARON NEVILLE  AARON NEVILLE/The Neville Brothers 
"If I Can't Have You"- Yvonne Elliman (Live Mix)  alt Live  (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics +Spanish subtitle  In movie "Saturday Night Fever"  Clips from "Saturday Night Fever"  Live  Live  Live  alt  Live 2004  Bee Gees (Audio)  Adam Lambert  "Don't Stop Believing"- Journey [Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live in Houston]  [Live in Japan]  1983  Live at Oprah Show  Live  2008  2008  [Live 2009]  2009  2013  Glee-TV show  at X-Factor  Sam Tsui et al  "Open Arms" Journey [Audio]  Lyrics  [Live]  [Live 1981]  Live  "Faithfully" [MV] 
"Chances Are"- Johnny Mathis (Audio) 1957  alt  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 1993  CHANCES ARE & WONDERFUL WONDERFUL  Arthur Manuntag  "Always Something There To Remind Me"- Naked Eyes (MV)  alt  (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1982  Live 1983  Live  Live  Live 2011 
"Ferry Cross The Mersey"- Gerry and The Pacemakers 1965  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1965  alt  Live  Gerry Marsden Live  Gerry Marsden and "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying"  Holly Johnson  Paul McCartney & Others 1989 Hillsborough Tribute  "Turn! Turn! Turn!"- Pete Seeger (Composer)/Judy Collins  alt  Pete Seeger 2010  2010  2013  The Byrds [Audio[  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live]  1965  Live  JUDY COLLINS 1966  alt  1993  2005  Judy Collins & Johnny Cash 1970  Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band [Live]  "It´s the same old song"- The four tops (Audio)  Karaoke  Audio +Lyrics  Live 1966  Live 1967  Live 1985  Live 2004  Live 2005  Live 2015  Boyz II Men  Live  Live  Rod Stewart  Lyrics  Live  2009 (Rehearsal)  The Supremes  alt  Pussycat  "Mrs. Brown you've got a lovely daughter 1965"- Hermans Hermits  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1965  Live  Live 2008 
Hermans Hermits:  "I'm Into Something Good" Live  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live '60  Live '60  Live 2013  "There's A Kind Of Hush" 1967 (audio)  Lyrics  Live  Live +Lyrics  Live 1999  Carpenters with Lyrics  Carpenters Live  Live 
"Ain't No Sunshine"- Bill Withers [Audio]  Bill Withers Live 1972  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Audio +Lyrics  1973 BBC Concert (30 min)  Live  Michael Jackson (Audio)  alt  Lyrics  Video remix  Sting & David Sanborn  Maroon 5  alt  John Mayer 2010  2010  Joe Cocker  Lenny Kravitz  Hanson  Shaun Smith - Britain Got Talent 2009  Black Label Society [MV]  "Up Up and Away" 1967- The Fifth Dimension  Lyrics  Live 1967  Live 1968  Live  Live  Live 1969  Live Medley  Alt-(Color Corrected video)  [Up, Up & Away/Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In on Engelbert and the Young Generation]  Live 2009  Live 2014 with FLORENCE LaRUE  "Brown Eyed Girl"- Van Morrison [Audio] 1967  Audio  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live 1973]  Live 1967  alt  Live 2006  alt  Live 2014  Everclear [MV]  Jimmy Buffett  Eric Shelman  Jason and Colin from L-13  Guitar Lesson  "She'd Rather Be With Me" 1967- The Turtles (Audio)  Lyrics  Animated video  Live 1967  Live 2009  Live 2010  Live 2012 
"So happy together" The Turtles [MV] 1967  Mixed video  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live 2007 

"Dream Lover" 1959- Bobby Darin (Audio)  Audio  Pictures of Sandra Dee & Bobby Darin  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1959  alt  Live  Live-3 songs  Brenda Lee  Ricky Nelson  Live 1979  Dion And The Belmonts  The Misfits  Bobby Darin In Concert (57 min)  "Poetry In Motion" 1960- Poetry In Motion (Audio)  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics in description  Spanish subtitle  Spanish subtitle  Live 1974  Live  Live 2011  Live 2013  Live  Dance (GENE KELLY and CYD CHARISSE)  King Curtis  "Save the last dance for me" 1960- The Drifters (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics in description  Live  alt  1974  1974  Live  Mixed dance video  Michael Bublé [MV]  Ike & Tina Turner  Dolly Parton  alt  Neil Diamond  Bruce Springsteen  Jerry Lee Lewis/Jimmy Ellis  TOM JONES-Live 2009  alt +Lyrics  Bon Jovi/Willy DeVille-Live  Heidi Hauge-Live  Emmylou Harris-Live  Live  alt  "This Magic Moment"- The Drifters (Audio)  (Audio)  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 2004 
JAY AND THE AMERICANS (Audio) 1969  alt  Jay Black 2008 Live  Live 2009  Aaron Neville-Live  Live 2013  Live 2013  Linwood Peel  Lou Reed  Movie "Lost Highway"  alt  Leroy Gibbons  The Misfits 
"TEARS ON MY PILLOW"-1958 Little Anthony And The Imperials (Audio)  Lyrics in description  Live  Live +Spanish subtitle  Live 1985  Live  Aaron Neville [MV]  Kylie Minogue (MV)  alt  Lyrics  Kylie Minogue [Live]  Lou Christie (Lyrics)  Johnny Tillotson  EL LOBO (Audio)  LOBO instrumental  LOBO (Audio)  "Sixteen Candles"- The Crests (Audio)  Audio  Lyrics  Karaoke  Johnny Maestro & Brooklyn Bridge Live  Live  Live 2007  Live  "Never My Love" 1967- The Association (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1967  Live at The Ed Sullivan Show 1968  alt  Live 1983  Live  Live 2004  Live 2012  Brenda Lee Live  "Our Day Will Come" 1963- Ruby and the Romantics (Audio)  Audio  Live 1964  Live 2002 
Amy Winehouse [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  TheUltimateAmy  Daryl Hall  Fontella Bass  Dionne Warwick  TV show "SMASH" -Katharine Mcphee  Audio  Carpenters Audio  Julie London Audio 
"Sad Eyes"- Robert John (Audio)  Audio-Long Version  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  alt  Live  Live  Live  "Every Time You Go Away"- Paul Young [MV]  [Audio]  Lyrics  Karaoke  [Live 1985]  Live Aid 1985  alt  Live 1986 with George Michael/Elton John  Live  Live with ZUCCHERO  Hall & Oates  Susan Wong [Audio]  Laura Branigan Live  alt  Audio  "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You"- Michael Bolton [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 2005  alt  Live  Live with Kenny G  Live with Helene Fischer  Live  Live  Live  Devine Songz [MV]  Audio with Coco Lee 李玟  Laura Branigan {Audio}  "That's all"- Genesis  (Audio)  Lyrics  Live 1984  Live 1987  Live 1990  Live  Live with spanish subtitle  Phil Collins Big Band  Keane  Phillip Phillips 
"Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"- Steam (Leka, 1969)  alt  Audio  Audio  Audio  Gary DeCarlo (of Steam) Live 2012  Live  Live  Bananarama {MV}  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live 2012  THE SUPREMES (Audio)  "Gloria"- Laura Branigan  {alt}  alt  alt  Lyrics  {Live Video}  Live w/lyrics  Live w/lyrics in description  Live  Live  Live 1983  Live  Live on Solid Gold  alt  Live on Solid Gold  LIVE on CHiPs  Live  Live  Live 1989  Live 1996  "Self Control"- Laura Branigan {MV}  alt  {Short version}  {Audio}  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live On 'Solid Gold' 1984  Live 1984  Live 1985  Live 1986  Live 1990  Live 1996  Live  Live  Laura Branigan-Live In Concert 1984 (FULL 1 hour)  Laura Branigan-Live In Concert 1990 (FULL 1 hour)  "Wonderful World"- Sam Cooke [Lyric Video]  Stevie Wonder  Sananda Maitreya  Sananda Maitreya  Cover by the Moon Loungers  Cover by Erisy Watt  Acapella by Bryce McCormick  Acapella Soul 
"Eternal Flame" 1988- The Bangles [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live 1989  Live 1989  Live  Live  Live 2013  Atomic Kitten [MV]  [Live]  [Live]  Susanna Hoffs  "Right Here Waiting"- Richard Marx [MV]  Lyrics  Lyrics-(Acoustic)  Live  Live 1989  Live 1989  Live in Japan 1990  Live 2012  "Misty"- Johnny Mathis (Audio)  (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1959  {Live 1975|  1976  1982  1984  Live +Lyrics  "All By MySelf"- Eric Carmen  alt  [Audio]  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1976  alt  Live 1976  Live 1990  Live 2007  Live 2007 
Céline Dion [MV]  Audio  Lyrics  [Live]  Charice Pempengco  Eric Carmen [Hungry Eyes] 
"A Little Piece Of Heaven"- Avenged Sevenfold {MV}  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  alt  alt  Live 2011  Live 2014  Live 2015 
"Dear God"- Avenged Sevenfold {MV}  alt  Lyrics  Live 
"I'll never find another you"- The Seekers (1968)  alt +Lyrics  The Seekers (1964)  Live 1967  alt  alt  Live 1993  Live 1995  Live 2010  Live 2011 
"Georgy Girl"- The Seekers  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1968  alt  Live 1993  Live 1994 
"Lovers Concerto"- The Toys  Audio  Lyrics  Live 1965  alt  Barbara Harris (of the Toys) 2010  Barbara Harris (of the Toys)  The Lennon Sisters  Jane Morgan  Sarah Vaughan  The Supremes (Live)  "The End Of The World"- Skeeter Davis  alt  alt +Lyrics  Audio  Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live 1973 
The Carpenters-Lyrics  Live 1974  Live  alt 
"One less bell to answer"- The 5th Dimension  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Marilyn McCoo 2010  Barbra Streisand/Burt Bacharach  Barbra Streisand  Sheryl Crow/Burt Bacharach   alt  Glee Cast Version featuring Kristin Chenoweth  Audio  Kristin Chenoweth/MATTHEW MORRISON  "Little Darlin'" 1957- The Diamonds 1957  Audio  Live 1957 & 2004  Live 1959  Live 2004  alt  Live 1957/2004  Live  Dave Somerville (The Diamonds) 2010  "Sugartime"- The McGuire Sisters-1958  alt  alt  Audio  Lyrics  The McGuire Sisters and Perry Como  Live 2004  Medley 2004  The Lennon Sisters-"Sugartime"  Mary-Louise Parker as The McGuire Sisters in movie 'SUGARTIME' 1995  "Sincerely"- The McGuire Sisters-1955  alt  Audio  Audio 
"Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" The McGuire Sisters (Audio)  alt  Music Medley - 1966  Medley - 1990  PBS Special 1989 - McGuire Sisters  Spaniels-Live  Live  Audio 
"Scarborough Fair"- Simon and Garfunkel [Audio]  Audio  Lyrics  [Live 1982]  alt+Lyrics  Andy Williams with Simon & Garfunkel  alt  Martin Carthy 1965 (Audio)  Live  Celtic Woman  Sarah Brightman  The Gothard Sisters  The Gothard Sisters 
"Peace Train"- Cat Stevens (Audio)  Lyrics  Live 1976  alt  Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) Live  Live at Nobel Concert 2006  alt  Live 2007  "Wild World"- Cat Stevens (Audio)  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live  "Morning has broken"- Cat Stevens (Audio)  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live 1971  Live 1973  Live 1976  Rick Wakeman [Piano]  Rick Wakeman/Yusuf Islam  "Lady D'Arbanville"- Cat Stevens  Live  "Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)"-1961 Sue Thompson (Audio)  Lyrics  Live 1991  The Lennon Sisters  Audio  Korean Version 

The Lennon Sisters "Tonight You Belong To Me"  alt  Audio  on the NBC (13 min)  on The Lawrence Welk Show (42 min) 
"Yes I'm Ready"- Barbara Mason (Audio) 1965  Lyrics  Live  alt  Live  Live 2002  Teri Desario with K.C  TERI DESARIO & HARRY CASEY 
"Cara Mia"- Jay & The Americans 1965  alt  Audio  Lyrics  Lyrics  Jay Black Live  Jay Black 2012 Live  2013 Live  2016 Live 
"Rappers Delight"- Sugar Hill Gang  Lyrics  Full version (15 minutes)-Audio  Full version Audio  Lyrics  Live  Live  2016 Live  "Proud Mary"- Creedence Clearwater Revival [Lyric video]  MV  Live 1969  Live 1980  Live 1997  Live 2010 
Tina turner (Audio)  Ike & Tina Turner Live  Live 1971  Live  Tina Turner Live 1982  Live 1993  Beyoncé/Tina Turner  Beyoncé 
"I Try"- Macy Gray [MV]  [Live] 
Macy Gray "Beauty In The World"  "Still"  "Shoo Be Doo" [Live]  "Ghetto Love" [Live]  "Sexual Revolution" [Live] 
Macy Gray's Stripped (2016) "Sweet Baby" [Live]  (Audio)  "Annabelle" (Audio)  "I Tried" (Audio) 
"I'm Too Sexy"- Right Said Fred (The Original 2006)  alt  (2007 Mix)  [Karaoke]  Live 
"Breathe"- Faith Hill [MV]  Lyrics  Karaoke  Faith Hill/Carlos Santana  Danielle Bradbery 
Faith Hill "This Kiss"  "The Way You Love Me" 
"The Sign"- Ace of Base  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live 
Ace of Base "Happy Nation"  "Beautiful Life"  "All That She Wants"  "Don't Turn Around"  "Wheel of Fortune" 
"Purple Rain"- Prince (Live)  (Live)  (Live) 
Prince "When Doves Cry"  "Raspberry Beret" 
"Love Will Keep Us Together" Captain and Tennille  Lyrics  Live 
"Old Fashioned Love Song" Three Dog Night  "Joy To The World" Three Dog Night 
"Bad Day" Daniel Powter  "I'm Yours" Jason Mraz  "Let Her Go" Passenger 
"Gangsta's Paradise" Coolio feat. L.V.  "End Of The Road" Boyz II Men  "Hold On" Wilson Phillips 
"Ballad of the Green Berets" Barry SADLER (Audio)  Live  Live  "Sugar Shack" Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs (Audio)  Live  "Stranger On The Shore" Acker Bilk (Audio)  Audio  Live 
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