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Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly) Gene Kelly & Cyd Charisse FRED ASTAIRE and CYD CHARISSE Swing Time - Rogers and Astaire

Gene Kelly--"Singing In The Rain"

"Singing In The Rain"  (alt)
(alt)  Gene Kelly 2010 (with Eminem)  (alt)
Usher  (alt)  Glee 
New Version Mint Royale [MV]
Link: www.youtube.com

Gene Kelly/Cyd Charisse

Gene Kelly/Cyd Charisse  (alt)
GENE KELLY/CYD CHARISSE: "Poetry in Motion" (Johnny Tillotson)  Cyd Charisse in Motion 
Cyd Charisse/Gene Kelly: "The Broadway Melody Ballet"  Cyd Charisse "Meet Me In Las Vegas"  "Party Girl"  "Party Girl" #2 
Link: www.youtube.com


  "Dancing in the dark"  (alt)
"Girl Hunt Ballet" from Movie "The Band Wagon"  alt  "Two-Faced Woman" 
Fred Astaire + Michael Jackson"Smooth Criminal" [short film] 
Mr.Bean  Cyd Charisse "Here's to the Girls"  Cyd Charisse w/Ricardo Montalbán  Movie Legends - Cyd Charisse 
Link: www.youtube.com

FRED ASTAIRE/Ginger Rogers

Swing Time - Rogers and Astaire
Too Hot to Handle
I Won't Dance  
Rita Hayworth & Astaire
Rita Hayworth: "YOU EXCITE ME"  Fred Astaire - Puttin' On the Ritz  The Ritz Roll and Rock 
Link: www.youtube.com

Saturday Night Fever Time of my Life What A Feeling Grease

Disco Dancing

Movie "Saturday Night Fever" Clips  Movie Clips  Movie Clips  Movie Clips  (alt)  Bee Gees- (1977)  alt  Lyrics 
You Should Be Dancing  (alt)  (alt)  Mixed video  Live-[& "More Than A Woman"]  Bee Gees-"You Should Be Dancing" 
Link: www.youtube.com

Dirty Dancing

Time of my Life
(alt)  (alt)  (alt)  (Lyrics)
Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes: Time of My Life [MV]  With movie clips  (Lyrics)  Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes (Live)  Just Dance  TV "Disco Dancing" theme song [Audio]  Dance: Artyon & Paige (8 and 9 years old) 
Disco Dancing French movie "Heartbreaker (L'Arnacoeur)"  (alt) 

Hungry Eyes

Movie "Dirty Dancing"  TV "Dirty Dancing"  Eric Carmen [MV] 
Link: www.youtube.com


Irene Cara: What A Feeling  Flashdance: What A Feeling  Lyrics  Flashdance: The last dance  (alt)  (alt)  (alt)  Flashdance Ending Scene  Flash Re-Released Trailer  Jennifer Lopez  Jennifer Lopez/Geri Halliwell 
Live 1983  Live 1983  Live 1984 at Grammys  (alt)  Live 1987 [Fame/Flash Dance]  Live Australia 2006  Live  Live  DJ BoBo(Rap version) & Irene Cara (MV)  Live  Live 2013  alt 
Flash dance Clips  Caroline Costa [MV]  GLEE (TV Show)  Hollie Cavanagh-AMERICAN IDOL contender  Drew-THE X FACTOR contender  Suor Cristina Scuccia - The Voice of Italy 2014  alt  Just Dance 2014 (The Girly Team) 
She's A Maniac  She's A Maniac  (alt)
Lyrics  Jennifer Lopez 
Link: www.youtube.com


John Travolta/Olivia Newton John - "You're the one I want" [Movie scene]  alt  alt  alt  alt  Lyrics  Live 2002  Olivia Newton John/Warren Ham [Live]  Glee TV show 
Summer nights  alt  alt  Live 2010  Summer Nights - "Grease" TV Live Show  Greased Lightning  We go together  Born to Hand Jive  Olivia Newton John - Hopelessly Devoted To You (Grease)  Live  Live  Mariah Carey/Olivia Newton-John [MV]  John Travolta/Olivia Newton John "I Think You Might Like" It [MV] 
Grease Dance-Xbox Kinect
You're the one I want  We Go Togethe  Summer Nights  Rock Around the Clock  Jailhouse Rock  Tutti Frutti  Born to Hand Jive  Grease Xbox 360 & PS3 Trailer 
Link: www.youtube.com

Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Run The World (Girls) Shakira - Whenever, Wherever
Marc Anthony-I Need To KnowJennifer Lopez-On The Floor
Marc Anthony-------Jennifer Lopez

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Beyoncé - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) [MV]  Lyrics  Live 2011  Live 2011  Live 2011  Live 2009  Live 2009 VMA  Live Tour 
Imitators  Baby dancing  Cubby dancer
Beyoncé & Justin Timberlake  German Version  Dance choreography by Jasmine Meakin  The Chipettes  The Chipettes  Just Dance 2017 

Beyonce ft Shakira-Beautiful Liar 
Link: www.youtube.com

Run The World (Girls)

Beyoncé  Run The World (Girls) [MV] 
Live Billboard Awards 2011  (alt)  Video Mapping, Computer Graphics & Rhytmic Dancing  LYRICS  LYRICS  Live at Oprah Winfrey Final Show  (alt)  Directed By Theshay West  IMVU group dance-3D dance animation demostration  Dance choreography by Jasmine Meakin  Super Dancing Girls TRAP 
Russian version  Flashmob by Brooklyn Jai  SEAN BANKHEAD  SEAN BANKHEAD-Epic Mini Movie  ITALIAN TRASH PARODY  Good Girls Gone BAD 
Link: www.youtube.com


  Shakira-Whenever, Wherever [MV]  alt  Lyrics  Lyrics  [Live]  [Live in Paris]  Live in Dubai 2007  alt  Live in Moscow  Oral Fixation Tour  Tour of the Mongoose  Live  Rio 2011  2012  Shakira Parody 
Shakira "Addicted To You' [MV]  News on Shakira  Spanish lyrics  Spanish lyrics  "Hips Don't Lie" ft. Wyclef Jean [MV]  [Live]  [Live at GRAMMYs]  Live Glastonbury Festival  Live 
"Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" [MV]  [MV]  Live 
"Loca" ft Dizzee Rascal [MV]  (Audio)  [Live]  Spanish Version ft. El Cata [MV] 
"Did it Again"  "She Wolf"  Live  Live  "Objection" (Tango)  "Give It Up To Me"  "Antologia"  "Las de la Intuición"  "Gitana"  "Don't Bother" 
"Rabiosa" (English Version) ft. Pitbull 
"La Tortura" ft. Alejandro Sanz [MV]  [Live] 
Bellydance live in Morocco (Mawazine festival 2011)  Live at Dancing With The Stars  Shakira- Dancing 
Link: www.youtube.com

Marc Anthony

  [I Need To Know]  Marc Anthony [MV]  (Lyrics)  (Lyrics)  Live  Grammys Live  alt  Live 2013 
[Dimelo](Spanish)  Marc Anthony -Audio  alt  (Lyrics)  (Lyrics)  Karaoke  Live  Live  Live in Colombia 
[I Need To Know]  Blake Lewis  Beginner ChaCha  ChaCha  Cha Cha  Zumba Dance  Dance War  Line Dance  Line Dance  Line Dance  Line Dance Instruction  Instruction  Dance Tango 

Jennifer Lopez

 [On The Floor]  Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull [MV]  Jennifer Live  Live  Pitbull Live  Lyrics 
Dance Choreography  Dance Choreography/Matt Steffanina  TUTORIAL  Dance Choreography/Robert Lenart  Dance choreography by Jasmine Meakin  DanceFitness  Line Dance  Line Dance  Line Dance 

Marc Anthony

  "You Sang To Me" [MV]  "Tragedy" [MV]  "Ahora Quien" (Salsa Version) [MV]  "Hotel Califónia"  "Vivir Mi Vida" [MV]  [Audio]  Lyrics  Live  "Flor Pálida" [MV]  [Audio] 
Marc Anthony & Jennifer López - "Escapémonos" [GRAMMYs Live] 
Link: www.youtube.com

HYUNA-Bubble Pop PSY-GANGNAM STYLE Break dance Kenichi Ebina

HYUNA-[Bubble Pop]

  Bubble Pop!  LYRICS   LYRICS   English version  Live  alt  Live  Live  Live  Practice video  Mirrored dance practice  Dance cover  tutorial  Bubble Pop! Dance  Dancing to Bubble Pop  Dancing to Bubble Pop 


  Change  Lyrics  Lyrics  Live  Live  Live  Live  Live  Hyuna-pelvic dance Change  Change Dance  Dance Cover  Dance Cover  Dance Cover  Change dance steps  Change dance  [Mirrored] Hyuna-Change  Change To Warrior (MashUp) 
Bubble Pop/Change Reference 

Wonder Girls

  NOBODY  English version  [Trailer]   LIVE   LIVE   Live in New York  alt  2008 LIVE   2008 LIVE   2009 LIVE   Disco version   Tango Disco Version  Ballad + Dance Version  Yu-Na Kim-Angels on Ice   Japanese Version  English Version  alt  Lyrics  Internet Submissions  Male version  Male Vocal  Over 40 version  robot dancing  (Chinese Version)-MV  (Chinese Version)-Lyrics  (Chinese Version)-Live 
Link: www.youtube.com


PSY-GANGNAM STYLE  alt  PSY-(featuring HYUNA)  PSY_0715_SBS Inkigayo  PSY_0722  PSY_0729  PSY_0819  Backward version  The making of PSY-GANGNAM STYLE  The making  Summer Stand Live Concert  SBS Inkigayo 2012 London Olympics Special  on NBC's Today  2012 American Music Awards  Waveya-Korean girl dance team  Pyongyang Style  ENGLISH Misheard Lyrics (Open Condom Star)  BYUNTAE STYLE  Oppa Chicago Style  Miguk Style  INSPIRIT Dance Group and Febris Erotica's Leo  Gangnam Style Flash Mob  Everyday I'm Gangnam Style   Flash Mob At Loki Cusco  Sydney Gangnam Style Flashmob  ATLANTA Flashmob  Flash Mob in Korea Town  GANGNAM STYLE FLASHMOB  GANGNAM STYLE FLASH MOB  Kid's Reaction  TornadoMA Taekwondo Cover   Gangnam Style Tutorial  Nightline from ABC News  PSY-GANGNAM STYLE in Taiwan  PSY-GANGNAM STYLE in Taiwan  PSY-GANGNAM STYLE in Taiwan 
Link: www.youtube.com

Break Dance

Hilty and Bosch  Battle Toys vs DDC-Breakdance World Championship 2010 - Final  Breakdance World Championship Remix  Junior  Junior  New York Subway Break Dance  Break Dance  Acrobatic break dance  Mixed  LEARN How to Windmill  LEARN: The Baby Freeze  LEARN: The Arm Wave 

Robot Dance

Robotboys-Robot Dance (Denmark talent show 2008)  alt  Robotboys Dubstep  Robot Boys (Nick Nitro and Jeppe Long)  Jeppe & Nick vs Coco Pops  Insane robot dance  Tobias Mead at Britain's Got Talent  TV show contestor  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Atai Omurzakov  Robot dance   a street guy (aka. NonStop)  20 Nao Synchronized Dancing Robots 


Alonzo "Turf" Jones-America's Got Talent  Alonzo "Turf" Jones-Street Performance  Turf "Retro" vs J-Tro Turfing   Contortionist  Contortionist in a bottle  Mongolian female contortionists  Chinese acrobat   Iona-Britain's Got Talent  Iona  Jodie Hollis-Tobin, Australia's Got Talent 
Link: www.youtube.com

Kenichi Ebina

Kenichi Ebina at AGT  alt  Kenichi Ebina at AGT-a Live Video Game Character  alt  Kenichi Ebina-Matrix Dancing  RoboMatrix  RoboMatrix  Hip-hop dance  A Tribute to Michael Jackson 2009  alt  A Day Of Cybog 2006  Compilation of Kenichi Ebina  Kenichi Ebina dance performance trailer  Kenichi Ebina & Takahiro Ueno 

Judson Laipply Evolution of Dance  Evolution of Dance 2  Evolution of Dance 3 

Best Of Bollywood  Subha Hone Na De Full Song 
Link: www.youtube.com

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Psy's new song-"Gentleman" Just Dance 4 : Gangnam Style (Psy)

Psy's new song-"Gentleman"

View it at youtube.com   Audio +Lyrics   Live   Live   Live on Today Show   Live on AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12 Final   alt   Dance video by Waveya dance group   By INSPIRIT dance group   By Mocha Girls   By Girl's Day & Teen Top   By M.I.B + TeenTop + AoA   By Led apple   By Little PSY (Hwang Min Woo) ft. OFFROAD   By Kpop Dance Fitness Class   Dance video   Dance Tutorial   English Translation  English Translation 

Just Dance 4 : Gangnam Style (Psy)

See it on Youtube   Just Dance 4 : Call me maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)   Just Dance 4 - Livin' La Vida Loca   Just Dance 2014 - Y.M.C.A.   Just Dance 2015 - Let It Go   Just Dance 2015 - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)   Just Dance 2015 - Macarena   Just Dance 4 - Asereje (The Ketchup Song)   Just Dance 4 - Super Bass   Just Dance 2015 - Dark Horse   Just Dance 2015 - Bang Bang   Just Dance 4 - On The Floor   [Just Dance 4] Oops!...I Did It Again   Britney Spears - Baby One More Time   The Pointer Sisters - I'm So Excited   Barry White - You're the First, the Last, My Everything   Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive