Magic tricks: Floating Objects & Levitating Objects

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Floating cup-Revealed Floating orange-Revealed
Floating orange-Revealed
Floating card-Revealed Floating Fork-Revealed
Floating cup-Revealed  Floating cup-Revealed  Floating cup-Revealed  Floating orange-Revealed  Floating card-Revealed  Floating pencil-Revealed  Floating Small Objects REVEALED  Floating Fork-Revealed 

Hummer Card-Card Levitation Card Levitation- Revealed Floating Dollar trick revealed LEVITATION REVEALED
Flying Card (Hummer Card) Levitation  Hummer Card-Card Levitation-Flying Card  alt  Card Levitation- Revealed  Floating Card REVEALED  Trick Revealed  Floating Dollar trick revealed  Floating Dollar trick revealed  LEVITATION REVEALED 

The most advanced invisible thread controller Invisible thread secrets - How to levitate objects Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread How to make your own invisible thread
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"How To Levitate Objects" MAGIC REVEALED!How to levitate a card without strings or magnets

Tarantula Floating Ring IllusionBall levitation

Master Levitation System by Steve Fearson Demo #1Steve Fearson Demo #2

Bottle cap LevitationBottle Cap Levitation Revealed

Floating Bottle cap  Flying Coin  

Tarantula Floating Ring Illusion RevealedScientific Levitation-Using sound waves to levitate individual droplets of solutions

Acoustic Levitation  Superconducting Levitation (Magnetic Levitation)  Superconducting Levitation (Quantum Levitation)